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You Go Grrllll...

This is becoming a rather large list. It's the feminists "Women are blameless" list which they continually promote along with their "women don't lie about rape" myth. Feminists even want to close down women's prisons as they are so without blame or would never ever commit any crime that would incur incarceration..

Surprisingly enough, the first three I came across were black females and the brothers wonder why they are having issues with black women. As far as I can tell, "who wants em!", may be the best response. Maybe celibacy is starting to look really good from their POV..


Woman’s bullets fell out of gun just before she tried to shoot cop

Shandra Kidd didn’t realize her gun was empty when she tried to shoot a Chicago Police officer.
All the bullets fell out when she was running from the officer.
Unfortunately for her, the officer’s gun was loaded. And the officer shot her in the buttocks.
On Thursday, Kidd was sentenced to 55 years in prison for attempted murder and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

Black female pimping under age female for prostitution..

Another black female robs a teenage boy while he lays dying from a gunshot wound..

Speaking of celibacy. Here are a couple of Bro's who decided it was the best thing to do. Personally, it's an individual decision. Certain circumstances would demand it to be better than alternative options..

I've always been celibate by choice. My first chance to have sex was when I was fifteen with a girl from Kazakhstan. I turned her down which confused her to no end. At that time I was religious and was actually making a moral decision. When I got to college I no longer had religion but I was working so hard on my degree (electrical engineering) that I couldn't be bothered. Now I work full time while going to college part time and still can't be bothered. Once I am finally done with school I will spend my time focusing on my career until I feel I have achieved enough.
I suppose I have always chosen achievement over chasing women and I stand by that decision. If you focus on improving yourself long enough you can't justify bringing yourself down to a woman's level. I would have to actually sit down and write out a spreadsheet of pros vs. cons before going after any particular girl and I'm guessing that the cons would win. I have money in the bank, I started retirement investments when I was 22 and I currently have a 3.96 GPA. Why would I risk messing it all up over a few minutes of sloppy pleasure?
As for "coping," you can't miss what you've never had. If I had said yes to that girl in High School I would probably be unable to live like I do now. I can take care of any urges I have myself which is the most efficient way to do it. I have very few moments where I think about the actual women around me (I work in an office of women... it turns you off pretty quick). 
and this one..
Women have nothing I really need, and a whole lot of what I really don't need. I've decided that unless I can find an extraordinary woman, in my age bracket, which I doubt, I will spend the rest of my life alone. I don't have the patience any more for drama and insanity. And this notion that a man has to have a woman in his life is pure programming. Finding happiness and contentment, on your own, is a challenge for sure. But a worthy one. You can never expect another person to make you happy. Only you, through experience, and lessons learned, can do that.But yeah, I'm celibate. By choice. :thumbsup: 
I think they may be onto something there..