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Western Women can be the Real Sluts..

 Elevator Feminastie
One does have to have a great big belly laugh at the fact that the women in India have really just verified that western women are the real sluts and they want to be far removed from that vile "sister" image. Even though they are members of the feminastie movement, which appears to have only one or two members over there, they do not, however, want to be included or be seen as being associated with "western women" and specifically "American Women", wow, what exactly does that tell you ?

It is always nice to have one's suspicions confirmed, especially by their own kind. Love the irony..

It would appear that the manginas (feminists men supporting female supremacy) are just as moronic and gullible as they are here. Future aspiring Hugo S's, maybe ?..

India’s First Slutwalk Takes Another Tack
by W.F. Price
Obnoxious feminastie
In an attempt to bring Western-style feminism to India, some female Indian students have been organizing slutwalks to protest sexual assault in India. On Sunday, the first Indian slutwalk was held in Bhopal, but it was plagued with problems from the outset. First, the name didn’t sit too well with Indian women, who decided to change change it from “slutwalk” to “PrideStride.” Evidently, Indian women still have enough self-respect to refuse to associate themselves with sluts.

The next problem was the style of dress. Rather than the revealing, raunchy clothes sported by Western slutwalkers, the Indian women chose to dress conservatively rather than – in their words – “provocatively.”

Finally, the numbers and sex ratio were a disappointment to organizers:

The numbers, however, fell below expectations with organizers estimating that between 60-70 people turned up. “Yes, we were expecting more people…we were expecting at least 150 people,” said Radhika Shingwekar, the main organizer of Bhopal’s Slut Walk. Their Facebook page shows that about 450 people wanted to attend it.


Among those who attended, there were more boys than girls. “I was disappointed to see few girls but, on the other hand, it was good to see so many boys…

It strikes me that the entire point of slutwalks, which in Western countries is to offend and provoke while occupying the moral high chair, was undermined in India, which is still apparently a traditional country.

The stark contrast between the slutwalks in the West and the Indian version lends some perspective to the movement. The Western phenomenon of women marching around baring as much flesh as possible and getting in people’s faces with it clearly indicates that women occupy a privileged position in society. They are free to be offensive and provocative while intimidating others into silence.

Contemporary feminist displays in the West show little – if any – restraint, and are no more than an exercise in social power and dominance. In countries where some balance remains, women eschew such naked displays of power and aggression.

In the West, and North America in particular, women have adopted a truly ugly, confrontational manner that consists of displaying their private parts to the world and declaring that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. When seen for what it is, it’s really quite shameful and a major embarrassment to our civilization.