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I found this to be the case where the current "female" lead government in Australia. Gillard and her pack of feminised cronies are suffering from a severe case of eventual voter's pole death, that is, if there was an election today they would suffer an even greater massacre than the State of New South Wales Labour government had when it went to the last election headed by another feminist female, Kristina Keneally..

Here are the results from the 2011 State elections earlier this year..

The first numerical/percentage column is the Conservatives and next are the socialists. (Liberal/Labor, in US it would be Rep(Lib) and Dem(labor)..

Last election35 seats52 seats
Seats won69 seats20 seats
Seat changeincrease34decrease32
Popular vote64.22%35.78%

So the Gillard Government is in deep trouble while she wallows in insignificant policies or a major economy destroying ones, it does not appear to matter. Her robotic mannerism and silly giggling when faced with an uncomfortable question, along with her compulsive lying has finally ensured that one way or the other she has to go or she will drag down her own political party to a level which it has never reached before (actually, I think she has achieved that already)..

Dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s performance remains unchanged at a record high…
Satisfaction with Tony Abbott has fallen but he remains a point ahead of Ms Gillard as preferred prime minister ...
Labor’s primary vote rose from its lowest-ever support of 27 per cent to 29 per cent and the Coalition’s fell from 49 to 47 per cent…

So the Labor Party is trying to work out how to DTB (dump that bitch) without causing too much animosity to their low level of supporters..

Meanwhile watch for the biggest truck convey ever organised in Aus. to hit Canberra (Aus. Capital) in protest to the incorrectly named "Carbon Tax". Should be a great sight as some of those huge trucks tow anything up to six "double B" trailers (on back roads) when they haul cattle from Multi Million acre farms in the top end..

Things are getting interesting is Australia while, like the feminists, the lunatic left-wing of politics (Labor Party) and the Greens want to silence the newspapers and differing opinions, (just like the feminists when they tried to shut down every men's rights sites on the web). I would have thought they had bigger problems to deal with but, heh!!