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One does have to wonder how it's possible that so many laws exists just to protect the privileged princesses' every action, thought, movement and ethereal activity. How is it possible for elected politicians to totally ignore one half of the population and introduce regimented draconian laws that not only restricts his every action towards that hallowed individual but also place endless threat of incarceration should that individual ever mistakenly or unintentionally foist himself on the opposite sex. Talk about over the top response and a monumentally abusive response at ensuring legal slavery..

Learn the Rules before Entering..
Where are our heroes who fights the fight for the male population, where are they ?

Get a Lawyer Before Hooking Up: 34 Precautions to Take Before Having Sex with a Woman 
by on July 21, 2011
in Gender War. 
We mistakenly thought that a checklist of only 27 precautions would suffice before engaging in sex. We stand corrected.
Get a Lawyer Before Getting Laid
Men need legal counsel to to take precautions not just before sex, but even before courting, kissing and even before conversing with a woman.
We missed some essential precautions. 27 precautions are not enough – rather we arrive at a total of 34 precautions before talking, kissing, and sex.
Our original 27 precautions list has items such as:
Proof of consent;
Proof that consent was never withdrawn for even 5 seconds;
Proof that the woman was not in any way mentally incapacitated in ways that would invalidate consent;
Proof of age for all women that appear to be under 35 years of age (precautions against fake IDs).
Consult Your Lawyer Before You Kiss Her, Fondle Her, or Even Talk to Her
Excuse me. Miss. I would like to talk to you.
But before we start speaking, may I please have your original ID for age and background checks?
Before getting any closer, I will also need a blood sample for sobriety and drug tests.
Merely talking to a (potential) minor is dangerous. Touching and kissing is a minefield.
If She Looks Under 35, Check Her ID to Avoid Minors
Complex laws “protect” adolescents below the age of consent, so the mandatory ID checks should be done not just for sex, but before touching and kissing to avoid “indecent acts with a minor” charges. ID checks are needed even before talking, because mere talking could be considered “grooming” of a minor. If a 17-year-old looks 30 years old, and if you met her with a fake ID in a bar that forbids anyone under 21, you still get 15 years in jail. So for any girl looking under 35 years of age, ID needs to be checked for veracity before any further grooming and courting.
Most underage “rape” laws apply to indecent behavior with a minor. Explicit sex is not needed. Derek Logue was arrested in Alabama for making sexual contact (kissing) with an 11-year-old girl I had known while I was in college (around my 23rd birthday). I plead guilty to one count of 1st degree sexual abuse and received a six year sentence.
This could happen to you in less extreme cases, if you engage in necking with a 17 year old you mistook for a 22 year old.
Kissing can transmit diseases (see 30b). People (ahem, men) have been sued and ordered to pay US$ 1.5 Million for unproven potential transmission of sexually transmittable diseases through, well, sex. As these can also be transmitted by kissing, genital rubbing, oral genital contact etc. it is only obvious that legal waivers should be signed before kissing. Of course, dangerous diseases like swine flu, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis can be transmitted by talking, sneezing, handshakes. So maybe, soon a lawyer will be needed before handshakes, talking or sneezing or even sharing the same room in a movie theater.
Grooming. If you are just friendly with a minor, we already have grooming laws on file. No attempt at any sexuality is needed, just you befriend a girl and you already are a suspect. Chatting with a potential minor on the internet is the way to get arrested.
We already listed 27 essential precautions before sex in this ground-breaking article:
Get a lawyer before sex: 27 precautions before risking sex with a woman
28) Stalking and Harassment Charge Avoidance
Stalking and Harassment Laws May Put You in Jail for Phoning, Texting, or Sending Flowers
In Britain, if a women feels harassed twice, like by one love letter and once you try to pick her up after work, she can sue you for harassment.
‘stalking’ was the most common form of intimate violence experienced in the past year (3). This may seem like a cause for alarm. Yet dig deeper into the report and it confirms that most stalking convictions were for letter-writing or telephone calls (67 per cent) rather than acting out the stereotypical, menacing view of a stalker who repeatedly follows or watches the victim or hangs around their home or workplace (19 per cent) (4).
[...] there may be legitimate reasons for waiting to see an ex-partner at their workplace.[...]
As with offences of intimate violence generally, the definition of stalking partly relies on the victim’s emotions (in this case, ‘distress, fear or alarm’), and sometimes does not even involve physical acts against them.
Stalked by an overblown fear of crime | Tessa Mayes | spiked1. Prohibition of harassment.
— (1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct—
(a) which amounts to harassment of another, and
(b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.
(2) For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it amounts to harassment of another if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other.
In England and Wales, “harassment” was criminalised by the enactment of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which came into force on June 16, 1997. It makes it a criminal offence, punishable by up to six months imprisonment, to pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of another on two or more occasions. The court can also issue a restraining order, which carries a maximum punishment of five years imprisonment if breached. In England and Wales, liability may arise in the event that the victim suffers either mental or physical harm as a result of being stalked (see R. v. Constanza).
the problem with stalking runs much deeper. There is no legal definition. This is understandable – there are as many types of stalking as there are individual stalkers. Leaving flowers can become stalking if it is done persistently enough. Sending dozens of pizzas to a person’s home – as one woman has recently experienced from her stalker – definitely can.[...]
The police and prosecutors are right to, belatedly, start taking stalking seriously, not least because it affects such a massive proportion of the population – 9% of men and 19% of women at last count.
But one man’s online campaign is another’s online stalking.[...]
You can be convicted of stalking regardless of whether you intended to harm the victim. The only test is an objective one, which is essentially that the conduct seems like stalking to the “reasonable person.” 2010/sep/23/stalking-social-networking-prosecuting-guidelines
we do see an increasing number of stalking victims coming to us for practical help, often with little recourse to law. While Section 4 of the Act (“fear of violence”) does not seem able to be easily applied, it appears all too easy to obtain a conviction under Section 2, however the criteria in Section 2 is vague, with no necessity for the accused to be warned that their behaviour may lead to a conviction. This has led to the Act being drawn into marital disputes – as a weapon – and even into disputes between next-door businesses. One example of apparent misuse is a father’s conviction after he attempted to see his daughter when his wife refused access.
29) Sexual Harassment Avoidance
Don’t even think about flirting at work. Or at college. Sexual harassment laws have abolished free speech at the workplace or at American universities. The Sexual Harassment Industry (SHI) forbids anything, from compliments, to elevator eyes to the objectifying gaze. Any “power differential” makes you a potential rapist of your secretary. If there is no power differential, then you may be guilty of “peer harassment.” Courts apply the “reasonable woman standard,” which says that any slightest discomfort to an (un)reasonable woman is sexual harassment. Men get convicted by the preponderance of evidence standard, not by the “beyond reasonable doubt” standard.
It is advisable to not cause any discomfort and displeasure in any woman, because she can always allege sexual harassment or rape. In the event of these accusations, men are guilty until proven innocent. Proving innocence is especially difficult if she presses charges only after 36 years. False rape accusations are a powerful weapon of angry women.
STD Lawsuit Avoidance
30a) Have her sign a waiver regarding STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and an informed consent that she is fully aware that there always is a possibility to catch diseases through sex. Waiver of right to sue and informed consent form to sexual activity:
I have been advised that having sex can give cause to sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them, such as Herpes and HPV are carried by as many as 20%, 30% or more of the population. These can lie dormant, can be transmitted even when inactive and asymptomatic. They even can be transmitted by kissing, by oral sex, or by warts on any part of the body. HPV can be contracted at birth, so even virgin men can be carriers. HPV warts can develop on any part of the body, so rubbing genitals anywhere can transmit HPV.
Reason: A dentist in Iowa was ordered to pay US$ 1.5 million to a women he allegedly transmitted HPV (not HIV-AIDS) to. The woman provided no proof that she was HPV-free before her relationship, nor that he had HPV, nor that it was transmitted through their sexual relation. Nevertheless, in civil suits, if a jury or judge think it is 55% likely that one party is wrong, that party gets convicted.
Muscatine woman wins $1.5 million in HPV lawsuit
HPV lawsuit
HPV Litigation Cases and Why Men Are at Risk
Woman Sues Husband; Claims He Gave Her Herpes. Suing for $50K
30b) It is imperative to consult a lawyer before kissing and get a waiver and informed consent regarding disease transmission through kissing. Many diseases can be transmitted by kissing. Herpes, Gonorrhea, common flu, Cytomegalovirus etc. can be transmitted by kissing. Kissing is probably more dangerous then oral sex.
31) Have a complete STD checkup on her and on yourself. This way she cannot sue you for her pre-existing disease (in case the disease can be tested for or will show up). This is just an attempt to remedy the situation. There are no tests for asymptomatic carriers of HPV, and other diseases.
Human-Stupidity comment: a complete disclosure of medical records regarding transmittable diseases would be advisable from an epidemiological point of view. But on the contrary, public health policy keeps HIV (AIDS) records confidential and considers it sufficient for infected people to use condoms.
Further discussion about full disclosure, quarantine etc. is very interesting as it could prevent the spread of many diseases, but is beyond the scope of this article.
Be Aware of the Future Consequences of a Sex Act, Cohabitation or Marriage
32) Plan ahead to make sure you can pay child support for the rest of your life, or to you go to jail. America shows Britain how to deal with feckless fathers: Dad of 23 children by 14 women is JAILED for not paying child support
In America, Howard Veal has fathered 23 children by 14 women, and owes an astonishing $533,000 – that’s £337,000 – in child support payments.
In the U.S., parents face fines and property confiscation and can even have their passport withheld along with their driving license.
They can also be jailed for up to six months, although – as in Veal’s case – this is only a guideline.
Critics of the U.S. system say jailing non-payers only adds to the state’s burden. Sherri Black agreed, saying: ‘I’m pleased he’s been jailed but I’d rather have him pay the money. Now my taxes will go to support him in prison.’
Read more:
32b) Your wife can ruin you first and then put you in jail for non-payment of child support. Even if you have a good profession and a brilliant future. One frivolous child abuse or rape accusation can ruin you, like Mr. Emerson.
You are responsible for her long term mental sanity
33) Have a psychiatrist check her mental sanity, because later in life, you might be indicted and serve lengthy (10 year) jail terms for crimes she commits.
33b) The psychiatrist must make a mental sanity forecast and guarantee she will maintain her mental sanity for the rest of her life. See this story - Mansfield man whose wife drowned son gets probation:
A Mansfield man whose mentally ill wife drowned their 1-year-old son has been placed on probation after serving about five months of a 10-year prison term — a legal option known as shock probation.
Yes. You are reading this correctly. The wife drowned the son, and he, the husband, gets 10 years in jail and probation:
Maxon, who is believed to be the first Texas husband held criminally responsible for the actions of his mentally ill wife, was indicted in June 2008, less than two months after Valeria Maxon was found not guilty of capital murder by reason of insanity.
And he even got a gag order:
Under the probation terms, Strickland said, Maxon is prohibited from writing or publishing any books about the circumstances of his son’s death or his wife’s trial or his own.
34) Check Her Character and Criminal Record, as Well as That of Her Female Relatives
You may be killed or mutilated with impunity by your wife and her relatives.
Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s genitals and threw them away. She got no punishment and demanded and got an excuse from her husband.
In general, domestic violence perpetrated by women against men is frequent, dangerous, and rarely punished.
Assaults by women on male partners
No legitimate defense, no due process before execution by wife.
Ms. Pearse went to Lucy’s flat in Knowle, Bristol, on June 1 this year, and stabbed Mr Jackson through the heart as he lay in the garden. [...]
A jury of nine men and three women took one and a half hours to return a unanimous not guilty verdict at Bristol crown court.
Compare this to a German student that got 4 years in jail for killing a thug with a knife, after the thug had already knocked down his friend and who had support of a violent group.
To restate the other precautions:
Summary of the Other 27 Precautions for a Man Before Having Sex
Study the law in your country and state of residence and at the actual location where the sexual activity takes place.
If anyone appears under 40 years of age, check ID for age and authenticity with help of a detective or police.
Avoid incest through genealogy and genetic analysis.
Test for alcohol and drug use so that nobody is legally incompetent or is mentally impaired.
Assure and document consent in writing and prove it never has been withdrawn, requiring seamless recordings or constant presence of several witnesses.
Organize and keep these documentation and recordings safe.
Prevent child support, pregnancy support, spousal support, and common law marriage claims.
Prevent accusations of domestic violence and spousal abuse.
Avoid prostitution charges.
Is married sex a safer alternative?
Read all of the 27 precautions for a man before having sex.
Never Have Sex Before You are 18: Underage Avoidance
Underage avoidance is very complex. Adolescents are in real trouble. If you are under 20, you should also study:
Consult a lawyer before playing doctor. Perverse sex laws traumatize children
This should convince you to never have sex until you are at least 18 years of age. If you don’t get punished, then your partner might get punished. In California, if two 17 year olds have a sexual relationship, both are criminal rapists.
Teenage sexuality: The immense complexity of local laws, state lines and international travel
Why All These Laws? Has the World Gone Crazy?
Yes. Feminism, together with religious fanatics, have conspired to make laws to criminalize male behavior and sexuality. The AntiFeminist has his theory of the Sexual Trade Union. Robert Kurzban has some explanations why almost everyone gains from interfering in other people’s sexuality.
Originally published at Human Stupidity on July 12, 2011.
Get a Lawyer Before Hooking Up: 34 Precautions to Take Before Having Sex with a Woman