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Give me a "YouGoGirrrllll"..
Another for the "Women are not violent" file as this canard that feminist ignorantly promote once again demonstrates their "economical with the truth" ability. Their other canard is ofcourse that "women do not lie about rape" and we already have plenty of information, facts and studies which demonstrates clearly that feminists are just plain liars. Feminists have demonstrated already that lying is just a consequence of their efforts at utilising oxygen and thereby it can only be regarded an automatic involuntary muscular response..

from Dr. Tara's site (Shrink 4 Men)..

Woman Physically Assaults Judge During Divorce Hearing
On July 13, 2011, Melissa Harvick, a Wayne County, Kentucky woman, attempted to physically assault Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards during a domestic violence hearing for a complaint filed by Harvick’s estranged husband.
Harvick received the contempt order and accompanying 10-day jail sentence from Judge Edwards because she talked over her ex and continuously interrupted him and the judge during the proceedings.
Upon receiving the contempt order and jail sentence, Harvick leapt over the bench at Judge Edwards. Three deputies were required to restrain Harvick and remove her from the courtroom.
WKYT reports:
Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards was hearing a domestic violence complaint against Melissa Harvick from her estranged husband.
“Things have been escalating since the first of the year,” the woman’s ex-husband is heard saying in the courtroom recording, obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST.
Not long after that is said, Harvick is both seen and heard arguing with the judge.
“That’s got nothing to do with it,” said Harvick during the July 13 family court hearing, referring to her estranged husband’s comments about their personal life.
“Ms. Harvick, you will be held in contempt of court,” Judge Edwards told Harvick, after several profanities were said by Harvick.
“I don’t care. I haven’t done anything to this court,” Harvick said. “Haven’t done anything to him.”
“She’ll be held in contempt,” said Judge Edwards.
Harvick is then seen jumping over the bench, in what appears to be an attempt to physically attack Judge Edwards.
Three deputies are then seen grabbing Harvick and pushing her to the floor. She was then taken away in handcuffs, allegedly threatening the judge as she was being taken out of the courtroom.
“You’ll be sad when it happens, Jennifer!” Harvick is heard saying.
Harvick is in jail on contempt of court charges now, but officials say more will be added.
Harvick seemed to feel empowered enough by the judicial system to argue with a judge, to physically attack a judge and then, as she was being forcibly dragged from the courtroom, to threaten a judge.
Wow. Wonder who created this Frankenstein’s monster?
Here’s some video of the kerfuffle: