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Catharine MacKinnon has stated that “feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men.” 
MacKinnon, Pro. Feminist Liar..
One does have to wonder if MacKinnon does actually possess a functioning brain, one has to assume that it is intelligent but one does have to wonder how this feminist cretin can justify the lies it continually promotes even though they are so easily demonstrated to be a figment of her imagination..
 Cathy Young states in her article "The Noble Lie, Feminist Style".  .. "While orthodox feminists grudgingly admit that women sometimes make false reports of rape, they insist that such cases represent a minuscule share of all complaints and that to give them much attention is to perpetuate misogynistic “rape myths” and revictimize real victims."
Mackinnon and like minded feminists apparently have major issues declaring the obvious truth about the what compulsive liars women really are and especially about making  false rape claims . Surely MacKinnon being a women would be very aware that she herself would have lied repeated in normal everyday activities just so to not "hurt" (or being honest)the feelings of other females as studies have already clearly demonstrated that women are compulsive "lies" proponents..
Eight out of ten women (83%) admit to telling "big, life-changing lies", with 13% saying they do so frequently.
So it's not like it's a figment on my imagination or the imagination of researchers who have taken the effort to project some semblance of truth and produced undeniable facts. We have all been in relationships where we were lied to and it was openly obvious but one just ignores that as men are way more forgiving then female ever are..
Cathy Young.."Nonetheless, the fact remains that women do lie about rape much more often than the feminist party line allows. Advocacy literature typically claims that about 2 percent of rape complaints are found to be false, the same rate as for reports of other violent crimes. But that figure seems to have no basis in research. According to the FBI, about 9 percent of rape reports are dismissed as “unfounded,” without charges being filed. While advocates claim that this is often because the authorities lack proof or distrust reports of acquaintance rape, dismissals due to insufficient evidence usually occur further down the pipeline. Generally, an “unfounded” complaint is one in which the accuser recants or her story is contradicted by available evidence".
So how can a female of MacKinnon's stature continue that lie even though it is beyond deniability and still keep promoting it ?
The answer is simple, they require those type of quotes in order to promote the "All women are victims" mantra in order to access funding and introduce draconian laws against males and make females untouchable. Introduce laws that will jail any man for even having the temerity of looking at any female, will be and is the end goal of their monstrous activities. One has to wonder how other feminists, assuming they have a functioning brain, fail to comprehend this blatant lie and yet still support a movement that is so obviously fake as it is based on nothing but untruths, baseless and incomprehensible misinformation and fail to realise that they are just the pawns in their deconstructionist meme, yet fail to use their thinking capacity to step back and say "whoa, hang on a second, that is not true or that doesn't sound right", which is apparently beyond their ability..

If one applied actions and interaction that they (women) indulge in on their daily basis and considered that interaction with people in their immediate environment without applying the automatic feminist mantras and realised the following, such as , well, I work with Men every day and I did not get raped, or abused, as a matter of fact, every man I meet on a daily basis is helpful, kind, considerate and fun to be with, than how would that change your feminised indoctrination or is that just too frightening to contemplate. Would that reality just be too much to handle. Would that actually require some conscious thought ?