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Here we have a rather blunt explanation as to what has happened to western society as seen by members of other nations. A member of one particular Nation when asked that question concerning the future in a world that has been contaminated byfeminism and the pussification of men, the submission to women..
In the U.S., Feminism has so corrupted the society to it's core, damaged the very concept of family and the family unit and the father's role, that society as a whole is like some bizarre alien planet
It's a society where men have become de-masculinized. Bizarre and cliquish; I can sense the odd social-cultural constructs permeating the country - it is a deeply segregated and fake culture. Men cannot feel confident and assured here like in strong patriarchies; women have all the power and American men seem clueless as to how bizarre the male-female dynamic has become.  

You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to it's core. The patriarchy is a male conceived and enforced institution that was imposed on females, because men, and only men understand well the long-term impacts of civilization and harnessing male energies into productive family units and a stable society .... civilization itself is a result of patriarchy.  

I see a degenerative social disease destroying the fabric of Western civilization from within- the same forces that have destroyed family and community (Feminism, Materialism, Individualism, Corporatism) is what makes such societies efficient and easily controllable - hence the most advanced societies.
Eventually however, these societies WILL come unglued. 
Men are the enablers of civilization- women, by nature, are far more suggestible and influenced by their emotions and feelings, and are not strategic long-term thinkers. It is up to men to change the order of things; because the Feminist misandric society of the West only came to be because men ALLOWED it to become - in a way, they betrayed the very foundation on which civilization and stability were founded. Many simply lacked the wisdom to see what our ancestors discovered and knew - that controlling female sexuality and forming stable family units in which men could pass on their wealth to their heirs IS the centerpiece of civilization and civilization could not, and would never rise without the Patriarchy and men creating the concept of family and social rules of sexuality. 

Hollywood is defintely the greatest force that has irrevocably destroyed and instilled feminist anarchism into every fabric of U.S. society- from TV soap operas to magazines, the idea is implanted of female empowerment, and the pussification of men.