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I did have to have a bit of a head scratch with this one but it did make me, mmmmmmm!!

One does wonder if and when this war has been fought in the past and also wonder whether the philosphers were capable of supplying sound and affective advice on how to deal with it..

I think the eyes look funny..
A couple of comments really stood out and I can say that I have read similar before..
 “When women are corrupted, chaos is unleashed in society.” 
There should be ultimately no permanent grudges, as it will be clear to see, women really have and had no choice, they are just simply women. 
Gender Warfare.
  Ending gender warfare would take a “war to end all war”:  this idea, a real memetic node in the consciousness of human beings refers historically to World War 1; it’s anticipation however is not mere delusion. There can be a war to end all war, and it happens when justice is done so thoroughly that even the enemy itself adopts the cause, despite irrevocable hostility. This results in a rare situation of complete victory on all sides, for the benefit of all. A war can be won to end gender warfare, such that regardless of which side you are on (or not) windfall may be bestowed by the contingencies from it regarding a cessation of outward conflict and a return to order.
        It is conceivable that the war between male and female is a microcosm of the macrocosm, a reenactment of a drama between masculine and feminine dualities on the part of human beings participating in a story that has roots fundamentally embedded in space and time. This drama therefore is not at the disposal of institutions, individuals, groups, nations, or even the human species; but a indispensable aspect of the cosmos. What this means is that there are periods of chaos, and there are periods of order. When the forces of chaos or disintegration have exhausted themselves (namely by running out of things to destroy) The “war to end war” can be fought and won.
        Between the masculine and the feminine however,  the male and female, there is no inherent war. There is only one true order, both sides manifest it, in harmony or even disharmony. To have a war one must have two sides that are comparable; one must challenge the other. In this case however the masculine and feminine, male and female there is no real battle, because there is no real true challenge, there being only one true order. Finally chaos isn’t really at war with order. Chaos is simply the breakdown and absence of it.
        Mo Tzu (470 – 391 BC), ancient chinese philosopher and pragmatist: recalls a time of rampant chaos many strange things occur one of which is that: “A woman turned into a man”. In the Bagavad Gita it is stated: “When women are corrupted, chaos is unleashed in society.” There are other clues in ancient texts that show that this gender warfare is indeed not such the novelty of recent generations as some may think; it may all have happened before. This cycle of female rebellion and gender warfare against the order may in fact a regular if not predicable cycle. A state of corruption that furtively blights in the collective unconscious due to chance or mismanagement.
        Fundamentally any real progress in this war for any side - will only come from the participation of men to consider to defend their territory. Men showing up to do their tour of duty in the negrado of modernity that is gender war. With spoils and distant uncharted foreign lands to reconstruct, there are allot of challenges ahead. New levels of insight are won to be forever known and accounted for. Victory is already seeded, it can only be delayed, the only things now remain are details and loyalties. However a clear strategy and method must be realized, as a free for all will bring nothing but further chaos.
        Women are not to blame, in this battle, or in correct perspective really even the enemy; we should not hate them, but love them as Jesus Christ taught. There should be ultimately no permanent grudges, as it will be clear to see, women really have and had no choice, they are just simply women. As for the irreparable damage that has been done, we can start anew, mankind will be all victorious and triumphant. This is only a matter of time and great effort.