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Honest, I did pay for my education.. 
Another one down and another one gone, another one bites the dust. I do really enjoy these type of responses from feminists as they bleed their inner most secrets and try to atone their inherited stupidity for following a lying hate movement which has no interest what so ever in their well-being or outcome. You will note though that even after confessing that a certain part of that hegemony has led them up the garden path into a darkened grotto, they neither have the courage or conviction to put the blame right where it belongs. I guess that makes you a coward..

Was it not Marcotte and Valenti who disagreed with each other over the fact that hook-ups even existed. Valenti, being the "head in the sand" trollop actually denied it happens at all. While Marcotte found it easier to blame the usual mythological creature for which she blames everything that happens in her miserable life, the "patriarchy". It's past lame to the point of hysteria..
Jessica Valenti
I actually don’t believe that hook [sic] culture exists. What I do think is cause for worry is the way that conservative and anti-women organisations, writers, and media makers are using this myth of a hook up culture to promote regressive values surrounding gender and to roll back women’s rights.
So right now we really have three different feminist POV. A sequence of events that doctrine has followed ever since it's inception. Feminism thrives on the concept of "Make it up as you go and don't forget to blame the male", this mantra has served them well as men are now seen to be anything but human beings except ofcourse when the PP's require rescuing which is apparently most of the time..

But the last sentence of this usual pathetic handwringing recognition of the truth that she has so far been protected from does really tell us all we need to know. As a matter of fact, we could probably erase the entire content of this wish list and just quote this last segment and it would simply explain precisely what this entire hullaballoo is all about..
Despite our real feelings about these guys, whether we respect them or are repulsed by them, we beg, hope and need for them to like us.
Bingo. Save yourself all that endless narcissistic rambling and confess the inevitable truth and we have the answer, easy, peasy..

How hard was that..
A Young Feminist Speaks Out Against Hooking Up 
I always knew it was flawed and brewed a great deal of insecurity and crippling self doubt, but felt it was the only option. Even though I’ve had serious boyfriends in college I always viewed hookup culture as the main highway, one that must be taken and hopefully leads to some kind of fulfillment. It doesn’t. Any brief satisfaction is quickly replaced by a great deal of emotional fallout. Who hasn’t seen the sexiest, smartest of her friends white knuckling her cell phone, pleading with assorted deities that the overly coiffed, Ed Hardy-clad econ major sends her the obligatory text? It doesn’t matter that 3 days ago, she thought he was a tool, didn’t kiss very well, etc., the reassurance is what we’re after. The assurance that we are enough: smart, cool, different enough to attract someone, even if its not who we want.  Despite our real feelings about these guys, whether we respect them or are repulsed by them, we beg, hope and need for them to like us.