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You may remember a few years back when the epicentre of the feminist indoctrination media, the BBC, decided it would be a smashing great idea to do a series on how men would fall apart whenever the privileged princesses were not around to remind all and sundry, how hard their life really is, how everything must be done as the planet relies on it and whenever anything goes wrong they will have someone else around to blame. You know "that series"..

Well, the show did not go according to plan apparently as life continued as normal and no mass suicides were performed and they all forgot to beg the women to come back. Probably, more like, "oh hi, back already, so soon". I would imagine they were pissed not to be missed so the lads would had to make up some alternative lie to appease their poor frayed egos ..

They could not resist however, having the women at the end of the series, claim back some dignity by having a bitching session about some of the lads not following their neurotic behaviour, just to make them "feel" better and also for the cretins who thought up the program to justify their misandry..

Concrete Colin is a member of the Village (link in PDF form includes Newsletter) who participated in the BBC folly, noticed the obvious sexism demonstrated by some of the staff from the BBC. The entire effort was to humiliate men and demonstrate how incapable they were at everything but all they really demonstrated was their own sick minds and boring bigoted viewpoint..

Here is the opinion from the Men's Hour Team on the same series stating the end aim of the BBC's attempt to humiliate and denigrate men and boys..

The real news is this hasn’t been the disaster the BBC was hoping for. Getting rice and spaghetti confused is not a major disaster. I wonder if the women would have done so well if they had to build the communal playing field. The BBC has shown that for the most part that men can cope. They have a learning curve but they just get on with it. Men coping is not good TV. The disaster they wanted hasn’t happened. The BBC shows this by putting the series on BBC3. BBC3 is a digital channel available on cable and other places, unlike BBC1 an analogue channel that everyone gets. If it had been the disaster they wanted it would be on BBC1 with an air of “look at these stupid men”.