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Just a little more about the never ending false rape saga that law enforcement and the judiciary seem to completely ignore and like to pretend it does not exist because women are involved and they are too cowardly to break the golden rule "Never criticise a woman" which apparently still reigns supreme in those areas of cowardice and ignorance..
The Truth Behind Legal Dominance: Feminism's "Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure" 
I thought I'd create a new post because it includes another study done by the Air Force on False Rape Allegations.
I was doing some research into false rape allegations and while our NotCompensating Guest here cites a study that seems to debunk what Tyreal has posted, I actually checked the source as well as several others that report a low rate of false rape allegations, which all have one thing in common. They get reports from police departments, study a small number of cases ("False allegations of sexual assault: an analysis of ten years of reported cases" involved 136 cases) and have a very narrow criteria for what constitutes an actual false claim. They often exclude unfounded reports where no evidence presented actually implicates the accused, and only count reports where the “victims” claim was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be false, as actually constituting a false claim. Cases that did not proceed were also excluded as well as some where they did proceed but the claim was dropped (unfounded) or the accused as acquitted. They also ignore those who have been wrongly accused and jailed despite their innocence being proven later through DNA testing, which Greer’s report addresses as significant enough to be problematic and why. Once you account for variable such as these, we are already influencing the outcome of the reports significantly enough to basically disregard what many MRA’s are claiming, that it’s a woman’s world where she can cry rape all she wants and will likely avoid any consequences of committing perjury in a court of law because studies like these trivialize false rape claims by minimize what constitutes an actual false claim.
This is interesting considering they have at the same time broadened the definition of rape, which I also think is important when doing this analysis. By including any unwanted sexual conduct as grounds for rape, a term that can broadly be interpreted, the defendant in an allegation would be hard pressed to prove his innocence, and likely the case would end up as either a conviction, or an unfounded claim because our assumption that women are innocent. We label her as a victim and not a plaintiff, which reinforces the idea that the crime took place before due process and that when we have such a broad definition of rape, then almost anything flies such as talking in a manner that is sexual and unwanted.
If you think about it the chances of it being counted as a false claim are extremely remote considering the accused living within the same geographical region as the accuser and having even talked to the accuser is enough to dismiss the idea that there was never any misconduct in the first place, therefore making the idea that the claim was false almost entirely impossible. On top of that, a defendant having to prove his innocence that does just that will be unlikely able to counter sue and thus prove that the rape charge was indeed a false allegation which would be the only way a unfounded charge or one in which the process did not convict, could ever be moved into the category of false allegation.
If these and among other variables were ever considered, then we would see a much higher rate of false rape claims, which interestingly enough the Air Force actually did consider when doing their study. Initially they found 27% of claims to be false but then using these admitted false accusations they developed 35 criteria distinguishing false accusations and compared it to the other claims and discovered that potentially 65% of claims may in fact have been false. I say maybe because it’s important to remember that nothing is definitive when looking back over a previous allegation because unlike a current assessment, not all the evidence is present to consider. Let us not forget that sometimes where a real case of rape occurs sometimes the defendant gets away with it, but I would logically assume what with all the current legislation dealing with rape claims, that the percentage of those getting away with the crime is extremely low and practically non-existent, just like claims of false rape allegations are according to feminists.
In conclusion, false rape allegations are real, probably because women know that they can get away with it, even if they are unfounded or proven to be false because we rarely see the courts prosecuting serial accusers. It also depends on where you are located; for example, colleges and the military probably have much higher rates of false claims than inner city areas. Matter of fact I’m fairly certain of it, but that’s just my conclusion after reviewing the evidence. Even if false rape claims are a small percentage, there should be a zero tolerance policy just like there is for sexual misconduct, and those who do present false claims should be prosecuted the same way any individual would for committing perjury in a court of law.
I have not reviewed this comment, but taken bits and pieces of an essay I wrote about rape and false rape claims.