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Red Pill / Blue Pill - Your Choice..
AVfM has another eye opening article which unfortunately and quite rightly spells out the folly that men get themselves into over the other sex. The end result really is about taking the red pill which for all sense and purposes will at least wake you up and make you realise just what the feminasties have been saying about men (don't need no damn man) does really apply to men as well (don't need no damn woman). That same red pill is occasionally sampled even when we are young, 6-12 months old (that food going into my mouth don't taste good, spit it out). Back then ofcourse it was all about texture and possibly mouth feel but they knew enough to reject it.
These days we witness the opposite; you would have seen the same examples of some lads in servitude to women and granting their every wish regardless of need or requirement at the time. The obnoxious and offensive behaviour that those women indulge in would be way to much for the average male to deal with and should make the appropriate changes as required but that is rarely seen or witnessed.

I have mentioned before about a friend of mine whose GF came into work and proceeded to humiliate him in front of his work colleagues, it was just too great for me to remain quite on so I emailed him that night and made some suggestions as to what he should do about the bitch factor. A few days later he approached me and stated that the email had got him into trouble because the dragon reads his email before he does, so he got my version of the riot act. Sad thing to was that he got the cretin pregnant which complicated matters immensely but just demonstrated how desperately in need of a red pill he was. I left that position and met up with him a few months later when he informed me that he had kicked the bitch to the curb and was through chasing tail. So he should as he already had 2 kids with his ex who was now shacked up with a BF in the house he built..

There are quite a few men out there who are quite happy behaving in that fashion and cowtowing to the needs of their "better half" as they fail to comprehend or even notice their manhood traded for slavery and these are the guys who when dumped will eat a gun rather than face up to the inevitable pain and anguish they will suffer..

It would and is the duty of the MRM to move those guys into the fold if possible, even wizen them up a little and help them realise a few standard facts about the opposite sex. Mainly, we do not have to accept just any female or accept them as they come. We do not have to deal with their ignorance and stupidity, their narcissistic, self promoting, selfish behaviour, their entitlement ethic or their presence on a self manufactured pedestal. We just do not have to accept them if they are incapable of being decent and honest human beings, that is what we expect of ourselves and yet most fail to apply that test to them and give them a free pass to go ahead and royally screw up our lives at will..

If we do not follow this methodology than it will get worse, not better. If we do not lift the standards bar than do not complain about what you have permitted, encouraged and allowed to surface later..

It may be fun now that you are riding high but have another look at it when you're sitting on the egde of a cliff debating whether to go on living just because a member of the opposite sex decided she is the one with the issues and you were stupid enough to assume that it was all your fault..