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She also loves peroxide as well..
I have often wondered what life would be like if one lived with a feminist, not one of your average pretend types, a fully indoctrinated drone. One would have to assume quite a lot as I have never met a feminist although I have on good grounds, had one pointed out to me and guess what, it was a single mother, funny that and it does illustrate nicely the point that I am making..

Feminism Diagnosed as Mental Illness

Imagine for a moment, an individual whose mind is so saturated with the muddle of feminist doctrine and it's associated, ignorantly derived, mantras. Imagine also an individual who really has no business being a feminist as all their goals and aims in the western world has come to fruition. There is basically no reason for it's existence apart from creating additional privileges for the already over privileged female in western society. Even they cannot refute that blatant and obvious fact. This fact can be and has been substantiated by their own behaviour because they are now talking about bastardising other countries and cultures in the middle east with their poison..

It is no longer reasonable to say that as a group, women are worse off than men...

So we have a single feminist female in a relationship with, say, a normal decent guy who is unaware of this lunatic's politics. He is of the opinion that she is normal. She has hidden her condition well..

The characters here while I wax lyrical are - Femmie - Spoilt, selfish, self serving, maniacal feminist,  educated via copious "wimmins studies, gender studies lessons and majored in both, also in the process of totally screwing up it's life by entering university to further contaminate itself with even more of the same..
Man - mangina, sufficiently gullible and appropriately trained to believe that the sun rises on the pedestaled sirens without actually being aware of what sirens is capable of or what they are all about..

One can imagine the daily amusing banter commencing from the time she decides to wake up. Questions will need to be answered and decisions to be made. First in line would be to shave or not to shave, that is the question. It is better..Oops wrong one..
Should she turn her back on her lesbian sisters and remove the stubble or should she sacrifice her higher ethical rendering towards cleanliness, self respect and smell reduction, it's just so hard.
What will she wear. In the past it was a lot simpler as she could just go and have one of those butch bitch haircuts and throw on the jacket with huge shoulder pads to demonstrate her penis envy state of mind, just like her sisters in the hood..
So, scratching her crutch as that's their interpretation of manly because her lesbian friend told her so, she wanders over to the wardrobe wondering what to wear. In the past she could slip into a pair of blokey designer overalls and work boots just to maintain that image but now it's even more complicated because if she wears a low top and show some cleavage, she has to spend a lot of time abusing anyone who dares to look. But if she dresses up in something less revealing, no one takes any notice and you may as well not exist, oh decisions, decisions. She thought she could dress up like she did last week when she joined a few of her like minded sheeple at the slut-walk lingerie party but next time she would use removable marker though as "get your hands off my arse" did not sit well with the man, but that would not go down too well at work because they were all fussy and expected everyone to be conformist and dress respectable like. They even asked if she had a bitch stamp, the nerve of some people and no chewing gum either..

Women: The Major Instigator of Family Feuding..

Today was a special day though because they were going to the beach, swimming and you know, stuff like that..
In walks man.. and requests that she makes the sandwiches while he gets the 4 wheel drive ready for the trip.
"WHAT !!!, why do I have to do the kitchen thing, is it because you think it's woman's work ?".
This was the first outburst he had heard since they moved in together the previous week, he was still getting over the felt penned writing on her arse. Man responded with "Okay then, I will make them and you fix up the vehicle, okay". Off they went to do their perspective acts of labour..
Twenty minites later, Femmie returns and Man says "I have made the sandwiches, whipped up some coleslaw, cut up the chicken and put it all  with the bottle of champers I put in the fridge last night, put it all in the esky, ready to go." She declares that she could not move the two spare tyres and rims from the back of the vehicle,  neither could she move the large petrol container he keeps for backup, just in case, as they were too heavy to lift..

The following evening was going to be party night as they had invited a few friends around for a night of fun and frolicking but on the way back from the beach the discussion focussed on the alcohol when she demanded that beer was not on the menu because it was regarded as a man's drink and that it should not be seen at her their party as she would not tolerate it, when man objected, she erupted and remained that way until they arrived back home when she finally demonstrated some civility and a small dose of humanity. Man thought, after that carry on over the beer, he had better also skip the Bloody Marys as well..

feminists, when confronted with a reality that conflicts with their ideology, will stick to the ideology, digging themselves deeper into a fantasy..

So one can easily wax lyrical about any relationship any feminist might be in if they are in any at all that is and wonder how the hell it works and how could she co-exist with another human when suffering from a recognised mental illness. One does have to wonder..
How is it possible to be in an relationship when every word that gushes forth is critically analysed to make sure it was not deemed, or indicate, or suggest, or imply, or has any possibility that it may in one way or another transgress their doctrines, teachings (either implied or yet to be implied or yet to be introduced), matras in anyway, shape or form. What a life that would be. It would make life in the salt mines appear positively beneficial as well as preferential..
It would also make MGTOW a fine alternative as well..