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Someone Stole this from my phone, Honest.
Here we have an example of a lawsuit that was going to be so obvious that it was just a matter of waiting for someone who still had a pair to actually stand up and be counted. This type of sexist activity is happening in every College and University in the western world and we have ONE single male brave enough to stand up against it. Makes everyone else look like a bunch of cowardly wimps doesn't it. Seeing as no one has made any effort maybe throw him a few bucks to meet expenses..

Man suing gender studies department for 'teaching sexism'.

Tom Martin began studying a Masters degree at the Gender Institute of The London School of Economics (LSE) in the 2009/10 term but withdrew after only six weeks, complaining the curriculum discriminated against men.

The elite university's own internal investigation found 'no evidence of discrimination', but Tom, unsatisfied with their conclusion, has filed 200 pages of evidence, in a damages claim at the Central London County Court, for 'sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of 
The Gender Equality Duty Act'.

Tom says "sex-discriminatory learning materials were ruled out by the university's own regulations, yet the core texts we had to read before each class, contained lots of anti-male discrimination and bias heavily focussing on and exaggerating women's issues, whilst blaming men, and ignoring men's issues. There was no warning of this sexist agenda in the prospectus."

The university have filed their defence. The case is likely to be heard over the next two or three months. 

Tom has paid for and received expert legal advise from a specialist education lawyer, and a specialist education barrister, who believe his case has a strong chance of success.

Tom has no more money left, will be representing himself in court, but still needs a further £1050 to pay for the one-off court hearing fee, and more urgently, a further £110 to pay for submitting initial questions in court.

Now is your opportunity, to encourage gender and all other academic fields, to cut out the hate, and become more welcoming to men and men's equality issues.

Thank you for all support! Tom can be contacted directly, at: