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..And the comedy show continues as we read this type of commentary from another feminist drone (the funny thing is that they are serious about this claim), who appears to be of the opinion that Men should lower their standards just to meet the ever lowering standards feminists have generated for themselves. I do not include the feminised mangina in the calculation as no one really considers them to be anything but a waste product, whose relevance is yet to be determined. A pretend girlie-man if you like, who wavers between reality and the dream state of their female masters. A neutered sycophant living on a different plain where reality and fantasy mix to form their delusional, ethereal world..
Anonymous said...
We feminists don't want equality with men, we want men to be equal to us. Stop blaming women for your all your failures, fucking step up.
Once upon a time I would take umbrage at this type of comment but now it has a different affect as it does demonstrate clearly what it is they are teaching these drones at the moment and what their simple minds, filters and retains. The other reason ofcourse is the underlying humour this feminist fails to see in her simplistic erroneous comment, the hidden comedy she so blithely projected is mirth and frivolity at it's finest. It is akin to stating that dynamite is equivalent to a hydrogen bomb because they both make a "boom" noise..

So what would I have to do to "step up" to being a female, let's see..

According to feminists, I would have to brush up on being able to present myself as being a whore and educate myself to expose my breasts in public. Practise lying, cheating and shagging at will(Vagina M.L.).
I would have to smear my face and body with a comprehensive range of unnecessary and unproven, useless chemicals just to make me "feel" good as without them my life would be affected, mentally.
I would have to change my shopping habits and increase them, rather than being functional and necessary to being a frivolous, time wasting activity, dedicating many hours in it's useless pursuit.
I would have to spend more time on creating a bigger circle of hangers on and sound boards so I can continually receive endless positive affirmations, each and every day, as without those needy constant confirmations I would wallow into a deep and meaningless depression.
I would have to learn how to deal with my periods which would surface like clockwork every 28 days and change my total outlook on life as well as my attitude, both physiologically and psychologically with a  flash of estrogen and the rush of myriads of other associated hormones and chemicals over which I have no control.
I would need to learn how to walk around in 5 inch high heeled shoes which supposedly make me feel sexy even though I have been repeatedly warned that I could break an ankle or tear a ligament.
I would also need to learn more about psychotropic drugs as I will be one of over half of the female population who will constantly be taking them for one or many reasons.
I will need to learn more about abusing and murdering children as my new "step up" level appears to achieve this quite efficiently and yet no one appears to give a damn.
I would need to learn how to get married and dump the individual if I feel I am being in someway inhibited, even if it's only in my mind, divorce and drive my partner to bankruptcy and steal his children while I am at it. Including all he has as well ofcourse.
I will need to learn how to lie better so I can make false sexual/rape/abuse claims when I don't get what I want, my way.
I would also have to learn that everyone owes me a living and every one else should pay me for the privilege of me being here as I am special and everyone else is not..
I will also need to learn where to find all those cushy air-conditioned offices where I can slave away filing and nattering on the phone while demanding to be paid equally for the work I don't really do.
I would also need to brush up on fashion so I can recognise anyone with money by the clothes they wear and concentrate on them paying for my expenses etc.
I will have to learn how to sue potential employers with false charges of sexism if I don't get promoted when I feel I should.
I should also become politically involved with left wing liberal causes because they will always give me more money and extras just because of my sex.
I will have to accept that I will receive a reduced sentence for breaking any law of the land because I have the right, PC, genital.
I know that I will receive preferential treatment at all educational institutions because I am even more equal than others..
I would have to study the Stars. I would need to know when Virgo was in the cusp of Uranus and how important a useless fairy tale like astrology would be permitted to run my life on every level.

This just gets better and better but I failed, I admit it. I just cannot do it. Women are just that extra delusional, irrational and incomprehensible that a normal sound mind just cannot copy or even comprehend..
It's great stepping "UP" ain't it just..