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One can always rely on a feminist to make a hit and run comment, stating the usual irrelevant drivel straight out of "wimmin's studies" and ofcourse throw in some strawman comment, just for affect. The end result ofcourse is just the usual mishmash of hysterics, demonstrating once again that being a feminist does not require a functioning, rational mind but can function even when contaminated and suffering from all type of imaginary illnesses and self induced, psychological issues..

Let's have a look at this attempted rational , conscious, argument  rant..

 JazzyBlonde said...
Saying these things about feminism are stupid and ridiculous. It makes you sound like one of those horrible people that demand a woman call them sir or keep quiet. What you say about feminists is the equivalent of women saying all men are pigs. Sure, you might be right about a few, but you know NOTHING 
One does have to wonder where she actually is or is actually thinking to be making comments such as this one - "Saying these things about feminism are stupid and ridiculous." without actually stating any opposing argument or even a single fact as to why it is "stupid" to tell the truth about a male hating hegemony but ofcourse that would delve into the limited thought functions that she has obviously not tested previously..

So it continues with it's assumptions and make some claims that caters precisely to the same claim that it raised originally. Amazingly, it just talks in circles, a typical feminist clone. Incapable of thinking or studying that dying doctrine probably in the fear of finding the truth about what she is actually promoting.  Ignorance is truth where she is concerned, not bothering to even read past what she is told to read (Female Eunuch) or believe(Feminist Hate Doctrine) or how to  behave (Slutwalk)..

Sadly, it will be feminist clones just like this one who will eventually wake up only when they are older as so many already have and finally realise that it was all just a giant con, a big lie and she was just the grist for the mill, disposable cannon fodder. It will be a sad day when and if that finally dawns on it's fragile victimhood specialist..

Escaping the Feminist Chain Gang..

Responses from the enlightened..

Ping Jockey said...
"What you say about feminists is the equivalent of women saying all men are pigs...."
What have feminists BEEN SAYING for the last 40 years?? Without any kind of protest from any other women??
Now when they start hearing men using feminism's OWN language (e.g., "all women are...") suddenly it's not fair?! Well, too bad -- don't throw rocks at us without expecting us to retaliate. We men have been patient and chivalrous for far too long -- it is past time for the gloves to come off!
When one of modern society's spoiled pampered princesses protests that "she's not 'like that'", my only thought is "she's either a damned liar (at which women have proven to be excellent), or she simply hasn't had the chance to be 'like that'."

Also another..

Greddy said...
JB, on the contrary. We know everything about you. That's what's making you nervous. Look on the bright side. As hate movements go, you gals got some good mileage out of feminism. But now it's time for the backlash. Hey, it had to come. It just wasn't possible to destroy your fathers, brothers, sons and husbands without some sort of reaction on their part.