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I received another anon comment today from another retarded feminist drone and appeared to be reasonable in it's first couple of sentences, which I will show later. I thought it may be a good time to go back through the archive, back to 2005 onwards to see whether or not the level of obnoxious had increased, stayed the same or deteriorated. Purely for scientific purposes ofcourse and because I needed a good laugh..

So after spending a couple of hours wallowing in history I did find some evidence and here are but a few..

First we have the "you're a moron" approach. It could have been better, maybe thrown in the "retard" angle but not bad, it did get complimentary and that's just a no no whenever abusing any blogger.. 2 handclaps and one freddo frog..
You really are a moron. The very idea that you think you can speak for all men about ANYTHING, is absurd. Thankfully, not all men are idiots like you are. And if you think you can shut women up, you are even more STUPID than one would think possible. 
I do enjoy coming by your blog from time to time for a laugh, though. Thanks!! on women believe they have a right to dictate how men do anything.
Again, the mentally ill angle and the embarrassment routine just does not do it for me. Sort of takes away the overall spitefulness and dilutes the vitriol. Could have done better.. One clap and one liquorice stick.
I am ashamed, and yes, I should be more generous with the mentally ill (which you so clearly are), but I'm sorry, I'm only human. And a WOMAN at that! You are a funny funny fuck, ya know that? You're crazy as a bedbug, but very funny. LOLOLOL!I realize you'll never post my comment because the last thing a man like you wants is input from a woman. Well, enjoy it buddy, 'cause this is as close as you will ever come to controlling me or any other woman! on Usually, women who sleep around do so under the guise of ‘enjoying their sexuality’
 Now this is a little better as the use of child abuse, especially battering babies is basically right up their alley. Fighting for existence with cougar denial and pedestalising. Promising effort, not certain about the endless use of bold throughout comment though, appears to be a little overdone. One bitchslap and  a weeks supply of vitamin E to reduce the affects of PMS..
Anonymous August 18,2006.
"Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby? Where the hell did you get the idea that "most middle-aged women represent easy sex"? 
In your dreams, asshole. I suspect you couldn't get laid by a woman of ANY age, with the POSSIBLE exception of a prostitute. Although perhaps you could find companionship by purchasing someone via the "Russian Bride" websites, which cater to the most undesirable men among us. It's so very sad that such women have to sell themselves in such a manner for a chance to come to our country, but hey! It's a sweet deal for losers like you, eh? You can pretend that some beautiful woman would VOLUNTARILY let you touch her. At least until she can legally dump your ass and divorce you. Of course such a proposition represents the certainty of future rejection, but I'm just trying to help you here. Work with me. 
I also included a few older posts dating back to 2006 or there abouts..

Your gender took that away. Why should men care if society collapses?

Women are producing the rapists as single mothers..

but then again, you aren’t likely to marry any women, are you?

Here we have that latest bit of hate mail..
I have had to trim the damn thing down a bit as it does as usual, drivel on relentlessly..
Sadly, we live in society that treats women as though they don't deserve to be treated equally.Believe it or not, there are women out there who genuinely love men. Believe it or not, there are women who are intelligent, educated, wise and loving.If one single feminist statement isn't what you want out of the sex, do you judge feminists wholly as a lousy evil lot?You shouldn't.
Fascinating isn't it. This feminist is of the opinion that the hate doctrine she follows has, could or should have only one statement that can be presumed to be incorrect on my part apparently, not hers. Got the blinkers on already..
So,just incase the above insincerity did not work she now inserts the standard strawman argument routine. Boring and so predictable..
I am guessing you've had bad experience with women.Guess what? So do most women (with men.)I can understand your anger, but you MUST be capable of understanding a woman's. When 1 out of every 8 women is or will be raped by a man in her lifetime, when women are beaten by their husbands or boyfriends or fathers, when women work a job that pays less than a man's for the same job,....when there are countries that impose cruel and horrible punishments for women who step out of line, as well as female castration, forced abortions, forced sex, sex trafficking, prostitution as an only means to support yourself or your children....then YES you MIGHT have the ability to comprehend why some women (fewer than should) are upset, and very angry.
Oh good, she got her little "all women are victims" rant in but there appears to be a few errors and exaggerations as we have come to expect from lying feminists whose only source of material appears to be "wimmin's/gender studies" and how biased and negative is that going to be..

First we have the brand spanking, all "NEW" One in 8 formulation. If only they could make up their ever changing minds. First we had One in 3, then it was One in 4, then it was One in 6 and now because their lies have been exposed by the ever increasing MRM they have been forced to readjust that guess every few years as more studies and research destroys that guesstimate every time..
A Voice for Men.. 
That 27.5% of those who answered yes to any of these three questions is where the 1 in 4 number comes from. The veracity of the study is somewhat diminished by the fact that Koss herself admitted in 1992 that her question relating to sex after consuming alcohol was misleading– and that if omitted from the study the actual number of Koss-defined rapes is 1 in 9. When considered in the context that of Koss’s identified victims, only 27% self-identified as rape victims, the number drops to 1 in 33. ..... Link....
But as with all feminist dogma, mantras and hate doctrine as well, why let the truth get in the way of so many good lies. Plus she slips on her Psychology hat and mantle, makes out like an expert as she explores the human condition, brain functions, behavioural intricacies and Human motivation, she is that...erm...good.. 
There's more..
You first must understand that anger is merely a response to being hurt.the maltreatment of women across the globe at the hands of men is sickening to me.i personally, won't stand for it when anyone condemns feminism as a root cause of something unjust and wrong.
Right there is the main problem this drone has with facing reality which many women have so far had to face up to..
First - That feminism is a hate movement is beyond doubt and beyond argument. The ongoing argument is as to how much pain, injustice and suffering has it inflicted on society as a whole, already,  including male, female and children. Come to grips with that first, you arrogant wench..

Secondly - The goings on in other countries has nothing to do with the country that I am in, feminists use that routine as an excuse to denigrate all men just like you have just clearly demonstrated, you sexist wench..

Thirdly - Women mistreat women as badly as anyone else does. A great example is that African female member of the feminastie movement who ordered the killing of over 800,000 people also ordered that ALL women were to be raped before they were executed, so come the high horse with me you sadistic wench..

False allegations of rape are believed to be more common than many persons realize. These are the findings of four research studies:A review of 556 rape accusations filed against Air Force personnel found that 27% of women later recanted. Then 25 criteria were developed based on the profile of those women, and then submitted to three independent reviewers to review the remaining cases. If all three reviewers deemed the allegation was false, it was categorized as false. As a result, 60% of all allegations were found to be false.

Fifth.. Female (genital mutilation) Castration is performed by women on women to protect their own butts from competition. So that entire argument is a total joke..

Here is some information for you to read lest you remain ignorant and retire alone in your old age with cats, plenty of cats for company as no sane man will have a bar of a male hating feminist like yourself and other pathetic drones just like you..

False Rape Society..
Campus Rape Hoax..
How funny is a mutilated Vagina..
Hi I am Gabriella and Feminism has ruined my life..
Female Pedophiles..
Assaults by women on their spouses and male partners..
Rape, must have been your own fault..
56 percent of abusers of all kinds are women..
Female murderers, false accusers, pedophiles, bigots..
Feminist Female Charged with Genocide..
Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, a prominent Rwandan Hutu and former minister of family affairs and women’s advancement, has been sentenced to life in prison by an international tribunal for a variety of heinous crimes, including mass rape, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. 
   ”Before you kill the women, you need to rape them.”

So, at the end of it all we have a simple tie don't you think so. Feminist ignorance and stupidity still rules the day and the vitriol and strawman arguments are still there as well. Are they becoming even more boring or what ?