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And it's prediction time..

Feminists have been promoting the idea of closing all female prisons for quite a few years and they have obviously run into some bother concerning that wet dream. So they have changed their tact and persuaded Arnie (the occasional pro men ex-Governor and now a feminist lackey) into releasing females for whatever excuse they could think of and then throw in the false herring of claiming that the other sex would be considered for release as well, which is ofcourse another one of their usual lies and designed to tone down the ridiculousness of that proposition..

Feminists want to demonstrate how "without blame and sanctified" all women are so they can use it to further denigrate all men by claiming that women are blameless because less of them are in jail. This is their usual tactic and one that will find solid ground in due course. Meanwhile, the girlie men of Kalifornia will bend over backwards to ensure the "V" vote is in their back pocket by ensuring a swift and easy transition period and release these female criminals back into society so they can continue precisely where they left off..

The previous time they used these similar tactics was when they changed the curriculum in schools, colleges and Universities to favour females, forced companies to employ females via legislation and then forced companies to pay them more by claiming they weren't. Now they lay claim to females being that smart, strong and intelligent that men are left behind because they are just, well, too dumb to even tie their shoelaces. If in doubt watch the next movie or sitcom on the propaganda channels..

This is their tried and proven routine and one they use repeatedly..

California releases female prisoners

Thousands of women inmates from California prisons could soon be released to be reunited with their families under a program the state began implementing on Monday.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said offenders whose crimes were nonviolent, nonserious and not sexual, with less than two years remaining on their sentences, are eligible for the Alternative Custody Program, which was signed into law in 2010 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Approximately two-thirds of CDCR’s female inmates are mothers whose children are either with relatives or are in foster care,” CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate said in a press release. “ACP is a step in breaking the intergenerational cycle of incarceration, as family involvement is one of the biggest indicators of an inmate’s rehabilitation.”

About 45% of the state's 10,000 female inmates may be eligible for the program, the CDCR said. It may be made available to male inmates in the future, the department said.

Those admitted to the program will wear electronic monitors and be supervised by a parole agent, the CDCR said. They can serve their remaining time at home or in a residential substance-abuse or transitional-care facility, according to the agency.

The prisoners will be allowed to find jobs or attend classes during their release, the department said.
The state of California should save about $6 million a year under the program, the CDCR estimated.

California is under federal pressure to reduce inmate populations. The Supreme Court this summer upheld a lower court ruling that medical and mental health care for inmates in the state prison system falls below the level required by the Constitution.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in April a plan to reduce prison crowding by moving 33,000 low-level offenders to county jails. But the state is cash-strapped, and funding for that plan, estimated at $460 million in the first year, must be approved by voters in November.

California has the nation's largest prison system.

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