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This comment which I received today does have a point and should be explored a little more..

Anonymous said...
The most important thing is education and and enlightment. The starting point is reading Villar's book "the manipulated man" and this for boys at the age of 12 or 13.
I live in Europe and sexual education in schools is common, but psychological education about sexes is not found here, well a tool for feminism and manipulation.
But the problem is that we have a generation of spoiled girls and women. What to do with them ? I made some suggestions, but the common tool is to give to the women back what they give to us men. Men should use female weapons:lying, cheating etc.
Either they start to reflect about themselves or they will leave it to play with men, both would be appropiate.
I made some suggestions, but man should kill the white knight in himself and turn over to be a trickster. I hope we could get more suggestions how to deal with those women, because it's proven: Male intelligence surpass female cunnings, male intelligence can contain female cunnings and use it against females.
I am normally a little annoyed about the anon tag but the question is interesting all the same and will make some effort in addressing it. My response was as follows..

Blogger Christian J. said...
I think the best tool to use against women is to just ignore them and do not in any anyway offer, support or assist in any fashion, what so ever..
If the majority of men did this the affect would not only be spine chilling and devastating but they would not be able to work their practised craft. They really would be dressing up for each other and  to them it would be beyond comprehension..
September 20, 2011
I believe that this course of action would be very affective as it is already beginning to have an affect.  One excellent example and probably the most profound was when a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland (last year or previous) advertised a Valentines day special of setting you up with a date and over 500 girls called in and booked a spot and only 2 guys made the same effort. This was a few years back but it once again demonstrates that something is amiss. The "Valentine's Day" saga has not suffered enough as yet as far as I can tell as all manner of suckers, beg, grovel and bend over backwards to "please" the little woman just to ensure she has some bragging rights on the subject for the next few months while he spends that time restocking his bank account. It does border on the pathetic and grovelling appears part of that process regardless how long you have been attached,  regardless how often you do it. It appears to be a fundamental demand now, that you treat her to a grand evening or you ain't getting none..

Anyway, got side tracked slightly as I was going to introduce the new 

Compendium of Men’s Issues by TDOM..

This will be a complete and comprehensive list of issues facing all men and boys in society today. Basically what the feminasties have manipulated and forced down everyone's throat regardless of transgressing current laws or freedoms. Those issues apparently make little difference when that hate movement determines their own justification under a plethora of lies and falsely generated claims..

This catalogue is an attempt to identify, classify, and define the issues men face in today’s society. It is intended as a guide to assist those interested in addressing men’s issues and rights. It should assist in clarifying issues and guiding debate and discussion. It currently defines and classifies more than 60 issues into 9 major categories. At this point it is not all-inclusive, nor is it ever likely to be. It is a work in progress and will be edited and expanded over time. Eventually, it should explore each issue in considerable depth.
This compendium will become the main aim and action of the MRM in the future I would imagine as it will comprehensively layout precisely what requires to be changed and fixed with a dose of sanity restored to echo the original lie that feminists made about equality and we will force it to become reality even with them screaming and bitching endlessly in the process. As the MRM travels the road to proper and recognised equality we will also increase our audience and support as the two simply go together..

Another site for further education is Fidelbogen's The Counter Feminist..

The Game and How I Mean to Play It

Both Fidelbogen and TDOM are two very intelligent men who deserve at least to be noticed and their arguments given some attention and insight into today's issues concerning men and boys. Do yourself a favour and check out both sites.. 
1. I will not play your game. I will not conduct my agency in a manner that rubberstamps your ideology. I will not do things at your behest merely in order to prove that I am not what you impute me to be.
2. I will forecast the probable course of developments in the current gender crisis. I will admonish you, in token of your good faith, to take visible public measures to forestall such developments, and to do so in a way consistent with the redress of male grievance.
3. I will offer counsel to the men's movement and to all male sympathizers, along the line of what I soberly consider to be the best interest of the movement. Such counsel will be consistent with my forecast of probabilities, and variable with the response that women's movement members have shown to my admonitions, or to similar sentiments expressed by others.
4. Consistently with point 1, I will not agitate for women's advantages in any way since it is not my responsibility to do so and since others better suited than I, have undertaken such things already.
5. I will be openly and often harshly critical of feminism, and will make no apologies for this. I will counsel others to follow my example. Repressive overtures on the part of your movement will be deemed inculpatory of your movement, as militating against the spirit of open debate and free expression of diverse viewpoints.
6. I will make no statement of a facially misogynistic character. However, I cannot be bothered to anticipate every possible construction placed upon my words by those who wish to read misogyny in what I say.
7. These policies are my own, but they are not my personal property. Other men's activists are free to adopt this platform, and I would counsel them to do so.