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Nota rape culture, just a PC one ByJulia Fisher
Let’smake this perfectly clear: there is no rape culture at Yale.
IfYale had a rape culture, there would be students and faculty speakingin favor of rape. Rape would be a common practice; it would beroutine to hear someone talking about raping or being raped bysomeone last weekend. People would discuss what styles or methods ofrape they prefer. Obviously, the existence of a rape culture is afarcical idea. These things just don’t happen at Yale.
Thispost is really just one to rub salt into the wounds of the feminastiesas they suffer from a thousand cuts for their compulsive lying andevery time they do so, well. What can I say, BDSM is only around thecorner...

Fisherstates it correctly about the rape culture's non existence. Toeveryone else it does not exist but to feminists it's in plagueproportions and the reason they want that to be the case is ofcoursebleeding obvious. They demand the funds to stop a non-existent culture, they falsely instigated, they falsely cook the books just so they can lay long term claim to all  that money andsecondly, they want to ensure that all men and boys are continuallyhumiliated and denigrated in the process while they manufacture those theoretical cases that only exists in their biased and sexistminds.
Thereare isolated incidents of rape, and that is surely a severe problem.Beyond the physical harm the victim suffers, rape erodes trust. Likeany crime, it arouses fear.
Rapefalls somewhere on a wide spectrum between murder and robbery. Thenumber of people who commit rape is a tiny percentage of thepopulation at large. The vast majority of people are notcriminals.
Whenwe talk about a rape culture, when we look at everyone as a potentialcriminal, and when we condemn different opinions as promoting rape,we create an environment of suspicion. This suspicion, like crime,erodes trust and arouses fear.
No one has ever denied that rape does not exist or never happens as to do that would not only be foolish as well as totally incorrect. It does happen and the appropriate punishment and assistance programs are in place to help and assist anyone faced with that ordeal.
The problem that has reared it's ugly head and which has made the issue just another feminist tragedy is that they are incapable of taking a realistic view, a comprehensive analysis and offer even the slightest positive input or answer to  assist in reducing or rectifying this problem resorting only to slanging and insulting the male sex while females can continue their activity at will.
The fix part is the furthest from their minds as it is in their interest to keep the rape culture active and alive for as long as they can because they are far from interested in creating any positive outcomes, that would hinder their political and emotive advantage. They are quite happy to offer a few sacrifices as that will benefit them no end. More female fodder at the alter of feminist hypocrisy and what does it matter if a few or a hundred or more are sacrificed. So they loose a few in the process, who cares. Sacrifices must be made for the evil empire while the fodder lines up to be counted..

One must not forget the biggest of all hypocrites in the ranks of that hegemony. Those deranged  females taking part in the "slutfest" marches would have to be awarded the "hypocrites of the year" award as never before has that level of hypocrisy ever been witnessed. Take for example the march in Oregon which was organised and attended by the lesbian crowd who have been recorded as being the most abusive females so far on the planet. Their record stands at triple the normal heterosexual couples amount for physical abuse, murder, suicide, illness and deaths, you name it and there they are "tongue in cheek", helping the sisters complain about an issue that does not exist or if it does, it is so minor as to not even be noticeable. Incredible..

Feminist Fodder with matching mentality.Rather watch paint dry.