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Did I just read a headline that said something about "What men want ?". Is someone having me on or what..Only kidding ofcourse but this headline did grab my attention as my brain automatically expected that other "W" word ending with princess as admittedly I was unprepared for this heading. But here it is in all it's glory, so where are the jokes and humiliating snide remarks, the usual derogatory belittling that the MSM always indulges in just to please the PP's?

Ok, had a quick read and found it bearable, even though the moron who did the study states that PC made men better behaved which I find offensive as it was more the threat of being thrown into jail for upsetting the privileged princesses, it would be that I would believe as I have not noticed any change when the guys get together and discuss tits and arse, that the language has changed at all. Researcher obviously lives on a different planet far, far, away..
The schmuck cannot even do a study without including women. The overflowing estrogen levels in the water supply appears to be having it's appropriate affect. Talk about a bleeding obvious research title. Derek Jones could be in the running for my next mangina award when you read the drivel that surfaces, bloody wimp..

I could though add a few more names to this list including Aniston and Jolie as both are woefully overrated..

Least appealing women are Pauline Hanson, Julia Gillard, Quentin Bryce, Roseanne Barr and Lady Gaga.
Men really do want women with sex appeal

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Jennifer Hawkins

THEY don't always say it out loud - but men really do want women with sex appeal.
Bedroom chemistry is far more important than many men are willing to admit, a study has found.
In short, they are highly attracted to nice breasts and a cute backside.
Author and D&M Research managing director Derek Jones said the results suggested blokes felt stuck in a politically correct straitjacket that stopped them from speaking their minds.
"It may be they have matured through political correctness and have been socialised not to say everything they think," Mr Jones said.
The What Men Really Want From Women report, to be presented at the Australian Market and Social Research Conference in Sydney today, found at the heart of men's desire was a "good sort" who is loving and supportive, down to earth, with an attractive smile and eyes and an adventurous spirit.
But when put to a thorough attraction test, the power of sexual chemistry was also undeniable.
Men openly said they valued traits such as togetherness, honesty, respect, a sense of humour and a best friend.
"What they actually also want is great boobs, a nice bum, a focus on fashion and similar interests," Mr Jones said.
"It's a matter of 'come to the footy, or at least let me watch it'."
He said men and women shared a need for honesty, trustworthiness, humour and friendship.
But blokes craved more sexual attraction, a down-to-earth nature and a feeling that they were supported, while women emphasised personal hygiene and the need for her man to get on with her family and friends.
Luke Lucas, 25, of East Malvern, said without sexual chemistry it was difficult for a relationship to develop.
"On the simplest level I think men want a woman who will make them feel like the man," he said.
"Someone who will laugh at their jokes.
"And they want to feel like they're needed."
Most appealing women are Jennifer Hawkins, Natalie Portman, Megan Gale, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.
Least appealing women are Pauline Hanson, Julia Gillard, Quentin Bryce, Roseanne Barr and Lady Gaga.
Biggest turn-offs are poor hygiene, unattractive personality, negativity, being ignorant/superficial, and boring.
Source: What Men Really Want From Women report