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Only to give them power, money, position, endless rights
I have never been a fan of Obama ever since he lied his way into office. A method used by some other hegemony to gain their power in society. But the final straw that finally completed my utter and complete loathing for this hypocrite was when he installed the male hating feminists into the White House and gave them open slather to persecutee men and boys by introducing draconian laws that you would only read about in Orwell's 1984. But that is precisely what it did and we have a new "guilty until proven innocent" law ensconced on every campus in USA to ensure that coming within a meter of any female on campus will enhance your chance exponentially to being falsely charged for whatever reason that comes to mind..

Chaudhury: Yesterday, Barbara Walters kept asking, ‘Should we police the world? You know, are we doing this? Should America fix it?’ And, I think, you know, I’m from India, and we really respect, uh, the Obama administration, purely for changing the way people speak, for changing the discourse of the world, and for bringing the temperature down, you know. This is a womanly leadership.”
Not only did Obama sell out his own sex but from the look of it he would have to ask permission just to have a pee as long as he put the seat down when he is done. Honour and dignity appears to be foreign to this feminist stooge as he cowtows to the like of these feminasties..
Unfortunately for the rest of us, Obama compensated by elevating extremist radical women like Kathleen Sebelius, Jane Lubchenco, and Carol Browner — all of whom have employed Beltway business-as-usual tactics to run roughshod over the rule of law.
In the end, Obama’s gals will be brass-knuckle boys to secure their agenda and power.
It’s not just a “hostile workplace” for a few grumbling women left out in the cold.
It’s a hostile workplace for all American taxpayers and job creators.