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I put my keys somewhere !
Over the years I learnt to loathe certain words. My worst word list would be headed with "Women" and then over the next ten "words I loathe" would also include "strong" and "independent", as over the last five years those three words have been done to death to such a degree that they no longer have any meaning at all or that meaning is so blurred as to make the word really irrelevant..

So there I was, sitting, sipping a flat white (no fancy frothed, triple formula concoction with a chocolate insignia, thanks) talking to a female acquaintance when up came the words "Strong" and "Independent". Let's have some fun I thought, it was a nice day.
"So how strong is she" knowing who she was talking about.
"What do you mean" she queried..
"Does she pump iron or something like that, you know, exercise a lot" I could see the pinched skin on her forehead indicating puzzlement..
"No, not like that, not in that way, she handles herself well and deals with difficult situations"
"Oh, so she is just capable and confident you mean. Have you seen her get upset or cry over anything particular" I pushed further as the independent word was coming up next and I needed a gangplank for it..
"On the odd occasion, yes, she lives on her own and she does not like that much"
Anyway, we head onto the "independent" word and I ask her if her friend had a job, built her own house, generated her own power and produced her own food and fuel. It was not until then that my coffee buddy finally clicked to the fact that I was taking the mickey and I told her so.
Those two words have been so bastardised by the feminist movement that they have actually lost their true meaning. Women these days us it as an elixir to salve and promote one of their own and even though they know it to be laughable or should know, they keep using them out of context and misappropriate it's original expression..
Whenever I hear those two words, what I really hear is - she is really hopeless and pathetic but I am trying to help her by claiming she is something else and it makes me feel good by doing so..

The new meaning for those words these days should be as follows..

Women (Alternative - Whoamen) - A bunch of privileged princesses whose demands outstrip their usefulness.
Strong - (Alt - Stwong)A whimsical, vacant, confused female whose neglected identity issues have yet to be determined.
Independent - (Alt - Indentured)A female reliant on government largess and admirer donations to make it's way through life.