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I do have a good belly laugh now and again as it's beyond funny to get comments from  feminist female drones, who will ofcourse totally misrepresent everything about any commenter, site owner or blogger just to try and score a few insignificant mindless points. An effort they fail every time as they usually resort to standard feminist "wimmin's stud-ies" mindless finger pointing which could only be utilised if memorised verbatim..
It has already been clearly established that "wimmin's studies" is basically a hate fest aimed at all men and boys and that argument is past discussion as we witness one University student suing for that exact  reason. But feminists ofcourse live in denial and their mindset is exactly that "set"..

We could wax lyrical just like they do with the following, "for today's "wimmin's studies" propaganda lesson you will learn how to smear and insult anyone who has the temerity to contradict or question our doctrine" type of brain numbing tautology, audio, video and books will be supplied and questions will be asked the following day just to see if you have the appropriate level of vitriol required to be either totally obnoxious or just demonstrate without argument, your total obedience to everything our hegemony requires to ensure your serfdom..

See how easy is it to make stuff up, mix it with a smidgen of fact and then wax lyrical with your original intention of smearing any individual to try and convince some or any individual to your way of thinking. This ofcourse is a total waste of time, both ways. Feminists and their manginas are delusional enough to believe they can go onto a men's rights site to spread their malice and ignorance in some vain hope of doing what exactly ?

Their methodology has been the same for years without change or variation. They honestly believe they can convince anyone with their insinuations and strawman arguments when in reality they have been infesting the web with that same drivel for so long it's just boring and inconsequential. 

Their main argument is that women do no wrong, they are angels from another ethereal world, placed here to raise the consciousness of all and sundry and their presence should be deemed similar to the presence of a deity, a goddess, they should be placed on a pedestal and worshipped. Give me a break. They refuse to comprehend that men and women are the same structure and vary only to complement each other to maintain the population. Heroine worship is not on their (females) list, there may be quite a few exceptions ofcourse, but women are no more special than anyone else although feminism have convinced them they are which is rather sad as that delusional thought will have further to fall when reality hits..
My response to those cretins in this day and age is to just erase most their hypocritical rantings as I have in the past argued the MRM's case too often and refuse to tread that exact same ground over and over again, debating those exact same biases with precisely the same outcome. I may allow the odd one through if it has any merit or actually furthers discussion but when they start their usual and endless drivel which they will inevitably do, I toss them to the curb as I have learned from experience that they are just time wasters as well as today's version version of the "metrosexual" but ever more whipped if that is possible..

I really cannot be bothered. Paul on AVfM has bothered with some cretin right here who claims to be an MRA but obviously is really the opposite. I would imagine that feminised manginas are launching their last pitched effort to stave off their inevitable demise as the world is revolted by their nonsense and have decided that they really are irrelevant, if not totally useless. Nobody wants to know an endless victim whose aim is to flagellate his own sex but that will dawn some day in the future as that has not apparently found any fertile ground to germinate as yet. They live in the hope of being 100% correct but reality just keep chipping away at that percentage as it commences to disappear altogether..