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So we have the two ripple affect feminasties, suffering from different versions of feminism and what to lie about. Valenti must have been swamped when her bath water was affected by that ripple affect and Marcotte ofcoure never thinks anything is biological as that would destroy their "you are the product of your environment, not your sex" lie that they have spread so long..

Now we all are well aware that the hookup culture exists and we all know why, it's all about shagging and that's just about it really. Women dish it up on a platter in line with their feminist education (free love/free sex mentality) to the alphas as they turn them on, the most, in the hope of either pretending to be carefree and casual about it all or they just have a high sex drive that requires servicing on a regular basis. It's not that difficult..

So let's see where the ripple twins are heading with their "brilliant" analysis of the situation..

Flat Earther Valenti lives in denial..
Patriarchy blamer Marcotte just blames, well, the patriarchy. (Let me know what that is when you find out).

Flat Earth Rippler, Valenti
Jessica Valenti of Feministing.puk claimed that hookup culture doesn’t even exist: Speechifying: So-called hook up culture and the anti-feminists who love it.  I actually don’t believe that hook [sic] culture exists. What I do think is cause for worry is the way that conservative and anti-women organisations, writers, and media makers are using this myth of a hook up culture to promote regressive values surrounding gender and to roll back women’s rights.
The great thing about being a feminist is that you can make up your own theories, flog them as being the consensus. Feminist fodder are either too ignorant or gullible to question any new or varying concepts, as even they have no clue to begin with. The consensus is to make it up as you go and make sure you blame men for your already screwed up lives. Always a winner..

More here on a special expose of Valenti from AVfM..

Potty Mouth rippler, Marcotte..
Amanda Marcotte of Pantygon weighs in: 
I reject the sex-obsessed interpretation of how this struggle came to be. When I see such a large scale power struggle between men and women, I tend to think the reason is rarely biology, and usually socially constructed sexism. Experimenting with this starting point, I think I have a much better explanation for what’s going on: Boys have power over girls in the “hook-up culture” because boys have power over girls in a male-dominated society.
The male hating Marcotte wallows in hate and loathing towards all men even though this hypocrite found it's way into one of the other big hypocrite's tent. She would have made such a fabulous addition to the staff, don't you think. They would be lining up to employ potty mouth any minute now..

Blogger Amanda Marcotte Quits John Edwards Campaign
Marcotte had gotten herself into hot water with what even the libs at WaPo describe as "profane and offensive attacks." Christians have been prominent targets of her foul-mouthed diatribes.