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As feminism gets messier and even more morose, one does have to wonder what efforts those masterminds of insanity will do to cover their obvious and blatant erroneous experiments on human biology. Do not expect any apology as that would require some sense of honour or even dignity of which they do not possess any. We have seen endless line up of women journalists handwringing their way through their confessions of following the feminist's laughable mantras and doctrine just to find that in the end they really had nothing to show for it. Nothing of importance to them that is. They spent their years chasing the pay packet and lived accordingly, lived in denial at the same time, but reality has a habit of rearing it's head eventually just to remind you that it exists..

Dalrock has posted an interesting article on his site where feminists are now wishing back the good old days of chivalry and housewifely duties. I know, what hypocrites are they. They jumped and heehawed when some white knighted mangina forced the boys in his class to treat women as special - pull out their chair and stand when one of those privileged princesses entered the room. Feminists were happy and whenever that happens your automatic bullshit meter starts to register that something is amiss right there..

Feminists have been maligning men and boys for their chivalrous actions for decades. As a matter of fact they made it quite an issue and become downright obnoxious and offensive about precisely that. They marginalised it to such a degree that men stopped doing it. They completely stopped that extra demonstration of good manners and decided that the bitch can open her own friggin door, fix her own chair, pay for her own food and stand in line like everyone else. It took a while but it did not go unnoticed ofcourse as there are still quite a few senior women around who appreciated and preferred to be treated kindly and shown some respect rather than the new breed of obnoxious bitches they now churn out from the so called education centres. So we are back to square one.

Feminist nostalgia for traditional gender roles.

An Excerpt..
Happy indeed.  Men waiting on women, what’s a feminist not to love?  She continues:
As a women studies major who is familiar with feminist criticism, I have a good feeling that many would view these practices as sexist. Such behavior from men may imply that women are weaker and more helpless. That if women begin to accept this behavior as normal, they will believe in and become comfortable with their dependence on men.
She is of course right.  The charming ladies at Feministing may have required medical attention after reading about this.  But as I said, I saved the best for last.  The women’s studies major blogger continues (emphasis mine):
But I would like to offer another level of insight. When men and women are seen as the same, men somehow always seem to get the upper-hand
More than ever now we are realizing that men and women are not quite the same, after all. And Ivanyi’s lessons from the past are finally being called in to shed light on a problem we have been unable to solve.
It is becoming a comedy fest and it would apear that the general population is waking up and it will be inevitable for feminism to go belly up and tossed back to whence it came.

There are plenty of articles gleaned from news sites regarding this topic right here as they are added quite regularly as women wake up to the Great Feminist Con and tell all and sundry about their experiences..