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The Inevitable Outcome..
I was originally going to call it the Ten Commandments of feminism but decided I did not want to sully anything else with that rabid title. Feminism, as most are already aware is in fact more of a religion relying on it's faithful band of sanitised miscreants. It cannot be described as anything even remotely sensical like a philosophy or a life enhancing strategy as both those titles could not be further from the truth. Suggesting that Feminism is an actual philosophy, just like the local University has, is akin to suggesting that Nazism was a health Assisting program for Jews..

So we have the demands list that feminist adherents must follow and learn word for word, just as their own, self elevated, male hating, peers have told them to and stated endlessly. Nothing is more certain that this list will be expanding and growing exponentially as they find more irrelevance to whine and moan about but it's a start..

Feminist Adherents' Ten Demands.

You will hate anyone who does not teach these demands.
You will not associate with anyone who does not believe in this doctrine.
You will denigrate and humiliate all men and boys at will.
You will always praise woman as being a superior being.
A woman must never be held accountable.
If a woman makes any claim against a man, she is always right.
If a woman feels it's true then it is true. 
No one is a product of their sex, only ever of their environment.
A woman always makes the right decisions.
Behind every man is a woman who has trained him to be a human being.