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It appears to be an ongoing fact as more and more males see and learn the MRM message and realise they are missing something, they are starting to take more notice of the world around them and the processes affecting their daily lives. On the other hand, the guys are getting much more cynical about the opposite sex as they witness the endless preferential treatment they receive on a daily basis and this time, one just cannot plug one's ears with their fingers and scream out " ..nahnahnah, don't tell me, I don't want to know"..
I can imagine also that the ingestion of the first red pill must be strange, even horrifying as the ever looming truth finally begins to germinate and now you have to take action or just lie to yourself repeatedly saying that nothing is wrong, really, nothing, I am just imagining it..

There would be times when you decide that there is information that you can go through life ignoring and does not require any attention as it is of no really of interest at all. To me, it's Doom and Conspiracy theories, actual live Autopsy programs and the functioning of the female system. The latter I had to study as it was important to know precisely who I was dealing with. Sadly, I would have preferred not to have even bothered to learn, as the more I discovered, the more delusional I had became..

The forum I usually visit has a topic about how friendly women are becoming, responding to them in a more positive fashion and being basically what they use to be in the past but I am dragging that from some old memories, but that was the case in the past. They were not the self imposed princesses and entitlement queens they are today. Have to bear in mind that the 40 year old female today have been raised in the feminist era and therefore are really incapable of behaving in any other fashion..

Girls being nice all of sudden

Possible explanations why, would also be great.
It would appear to be noticeable as a few have encountered it as well...
You mean random bitches I'll never see again? I have begun to notice this is many areas.
I mentioned this before to you in chat, but there have been these strange little quirky moments where a group of women (usually in the setting of a bar or club) will randomly look my way quite a bit in a relatively short period of timespan of 5-10 minutes, and I can't figure out what the f*ck they want. It is either teasing or provocation, but I swiftly ignore them and don't play into it at all. It doesn't make sense (unless they can somehow smell the paper in my wallet or something).
Actually I mostly avoid these social settings, but my friends sometimes go and they like my company, so I tag along
About a dozen other guys found the same thing to be true and they come from all over the US so it's not just local. Interesting, but guys also require explanations as that is the manner of query, throw it out there and see if it fits the problem or issue..

Girls started being nicer to me the day I got my BMW. Then again, girls who have never even seen me behind the wheel seem to be nicer to me when I'm walking around. It could be that they just sense confidence and are attracted to it. Taking the red pill tends to leave people in an angry/bewildered mental state for several months, but once they adapt they tend to become more confident. So, that's my guess as to what's going on. Of course, if you have recently had some good financial fortune then that is probably the primary factor.
Oh the cynical, even though it may be the truth. Due to PC, it should never be stated, only thought..
It's because of the bad economy Hungry hos are pretending to be nice girls these days..Bitches on a sucker hunt, Trying to find some nice guy that will feed her thug spawn until the economy gets better. 
Obviously appears to be nothing new, apparently, but unless someone brings it to your attention, one would live in the bliss of ignorance and never really learn anything about the game that is continually played on you by the opposite sex..
 Happens twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. 
Springtime they are looking for someone to spend summer with. 
Autumn they are looking for someone to spend the holidays with. 
Happens every year.