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The sheer joy of pointing out the negative affect of feminism just gets better daily. Here is another version on how feminists hate women for the simple reason that they hate femininity. You know, being and behaving like a female does not sit too well with feminists as they prefer women to be male imitators as they suffer from a severe case of penis envy as we all know..

It was for this reason, as I mentioned in previous posts, why feminists wanted to dress women up to look like men with their short cropped bitch haircuts and elevated shoulder pads. They coerced women into competing directly with men at work (in all those air-con places only ofcourse) and if that did not work they would find some way to make their effort more noticeable by suing employers and claiming victimisation when none really occurred. They made employing women a game of Russian Roulette while at the same time government legislation forced companies to employ women and promote them regardless of ability, experience or track record. If it was female, it had to be treated special..

The Feminist Hatred of Women 
Many feminists are angry at men because, having given up their femininity, they compete with us in being masculine. They aim to beat us at our own masculinity. They lift weights, practice martial arts, talk and act like men, walk around with a backpack and man's shoes. They are jealous of our masculinity - which for us is natural and well-fitting.
A masculine woman never looks good, whatever the reason for her rejection of her femininity. Add to this her aggressive disdain, based on jealousy, towards men, and we have a lot of unattractive, beastly witches on our hands. It's not even worth bothering with them, in fact.
A feminine woman leaves men to be a men, to do "men's things", and doesn't judge males for that. She is confident and comfortable in her shoes, and wants a man not to be like her, just as she doesn't want to be like him.
This complementarity keeps a couple together. Competition will break a man and a woman apart, and off she'll go, looking for another man with whom to compete. Good luck to Husband #2.
Feminism has asked women to give up their femininity and adopt a masculine norm because feminists hate women. Feminists are the biggest misogynists in world history. They hate women for being feminine, and think that masculinity is the norm for all humans, when in fact it is the norm for men only.
As feminism grows ever-deeper, so women grow farther away from their feminine roots, and thereby become more and more shallow and unhappy. They sense something is wrong, but don't have the courage or the intelligence to examine feminism, with which they have been miseducated by teachers, aunties, older sisters, friends, the Internet, their mothers, and the media. So we sink deeper and deeper into intolerant feminazi culture, leading many people to lead bewildered lives.