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If there is one constant in life it would have to be the sheer and unadulterated fact that feminists really do make great liars. Their intellectual dishonesty is quite staggering when and if you take a moment to just sit and think about the constant hypocrisy they espouse as improvised truth. The consistency of negative claims is akin to Alanis writing a song about irony when she does not have a friggin clue about what irony really is..

Occasionally, a feminist finally wakes up, the fog of hate is finally demonstrated beyond it's usual smokescreen of so called and falsely claimed "equallatee" and that awakening process is akin to the withdrawal of one of those nasty habit forming drugs that we have always sworn we would never become addicted to, unfortunately, that revelation only exposing itself a little too late..

One does not want to go through life having to confess that once you left home and sought to make your own way that you you royally f*cked that up within the first few steps after closing the parent's front door. This ofcourse does not excuse feminists and certainly does not excuse feminised manginas who support a doctrine that is basically for "women only". This comment as far as they are concerned is just way too provocative and irrelevant as it guarantees them free carnal entrance and access to areas that would normally be closed off unless you lived the lie..

Here is an example of one who was saved from a life worse than death. Saved from a live of indignity, grovelling, a life of denial and forced to take a deliberate action to save one's sanity..

So here I was, a feminist with a penis holding a placard that said, “Miss World is Mutilation,” and at the same time I was deafened with the inference and endorsement of violence and barbarism through an enforced surgical procedure. The idea quite simply was to “Cut it off,” and it was at this exact moment that I felt deeply betrayed and used and the darkness of the irony of it all was in the wording of the sign I held. I let that sign fall to the ground and I walked to my car and drove away from that nasty circus forever.
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