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Imagine a war between the sexes and the men finally turn up. 

One cannot deny the fact that when the feminasty movement first reared it's head in the early sixties they found a willing and compliant sex who were quite happy to help women achieve their goals and aims. Little did we realise that the feminist movement would actually behaved as women generally do and that is that they never know when to stop, give up or even declare that maybe they had gone too far. They are destroying the same sex who have helped them to begin with and put put no limitations on their demands or any type of sunset clause either. They have to be forced to be stopped or they will just keep on going until the entire world is poisoned by their insanity.

Will they stop or back off ?

In your dreams. John Williams coins the appropriate response in one of his songs "why me and them like cheese and chalk"..

The problem feminists face right now is that in their ranks they had male soldiers, helping their cause. You can imagine it in a scene from any old movie as soldiers break rank and wander into the opposing position. As more and more soldiers side with the MRM, feminists tried the blame  and shame technique and that did not work as well as before. So, out came the finger pointing and malice, endless tirades and threat, those were ignored. Now we have the reduced squad of feminist malcontents looking at each other with fear in their eyes, knowing full well what the outcome of the next battle will be and that they are not on the winning side. So they now make suggestions about a possible compromise (chivalry), they reduce their endless harping and finger pointing (people are sick to death of that) and ofcourse we wait while they start their last determined effort to stay afloat, one last desperate ditch, one final attempt at saving their hate movement from total annihilation. Guess what that will be ?