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Harpies and harridans everywhere and not a decent one in sight..Here is an exellent example of a hypocritical female who is employed as an "Equalities" minister, harping the feminist mantra like it's a standard and normal process. Hypocritical women are easy to find as we can witness daily, at work, at play or whenever you are trying to avoid them..The fascinating part of this harridan's outburst is ofcourse that she is 100% correct. Bad decisions have been made in the past as governments chased the vagina vote and pay women copious amounts of taxpayer gold just to appease their natural inbuilt greed and folly. The "V" vote does not come cheap and as with everything else that any female does  "It's going to cost you", bribery and corruption is not foreign to that sex but they play that out in public as they really have nothing to hide, it's expected and accepted as normal behaviour..

Funny enough, I came across the harridan's site some weeks back on a totally different topic and warmed the site up a bit with a few well placed suggestions. If you would like to express your utter and total loathing for this harridan, by all means do. Just do not get tossed for bad behaviour..

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Men's 'terrible decisions' are to blame for the world's problems, claims equalities minister

Conservative MP Peter Bone has criticised Featherstone's comments
Conservative MPs Bone
Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone has launched a scathing attack on her male counterparts, insisting the world's continuing financial crisis was a direct result of men's failure to make the correct choices.
Speaking at her party's annual conference, the Equalities minister argued that the 'terrible decisions' made by men in senior positions had left the global economy in tatters and was the principal reason for 'the mess the world is in'.

Featherstone said: 'In terms of decision making I have always gone out and advocated to women you must get your hands on levers, you must get hold of power, you must be where decisions are made.
Her comments sparked an immediate rebuttal from members of the Conservatives, who labelled her remarks as 'completely wrong' and 'ridiculous.'

Tory MP for Wellingborough Peter Bone laughed off Featherstone's view, insisting: 'The Liberal Party talk a good game but never step up to the plate.'
Conservative MPs Bone (left) and Patel have dismissed Featherstone's claims

Meanwhile, fellow Conservative MP Priti Patel told the Evening Standard: 'These comments are really ill-thought out. As equalities minister she has got to be unbiased about the value that both men and women bring to decision-making.

'She works in a department that is trying to address inequalities in society - to then dump the blame for a range of problems on one sex is completely wrong and misguided.'