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"Poor, poor, pitiful me", would probably be the best description for these females who have followed the feminist favourite outcome, their specially formulated doctrine ensured that they found themselves to be precisely where we predicted they would be if they pursued that stupid, soul destroying movement. I really do enjoy saying the magic words they refused to listen to " I told you so", but did you listen, naahhh!!!

I do sometimes wonder if there isn't some line forming at the Losers Club that states "Want to screw up your life, be partner and child free at 40, line up here. We guarantee success or your life back"..

This is becoming an almost daily event as they line up to moan and bitch about how they have screwed up their lives without really trying. How simple it was going to be and how successful they were at it is to be applauded. One could say that at least they got one thing right. Now it's only a matter of selecting the type of breed and fur colour those cats are going to be and how much time you will have on your hands to contemplate your lonely, empty future..
Professional,Unmarried Women Least Happy Worker. 
by W.F.PRICE on SEPTEMBER19, 2011 
Asurvey has revealed that the most unhappy workers arefemale, professional and single.The most happy are well-to-do married men with working wives and oneyoung child:
Theprofile of an unhappy woman, therefore, is pretty close to whatfeminists have pushed women to be for the last 50 years. It seemsthat being released from the “gilded cage” Betty Friedancomplained about has plunged many women into despair and unsatisfyinglives. This isn’t even considering the millions of men who havebeen deprived of normal family and work lives by the unnaturalpolicies feminism brought about. 
So talented and such losers..

Aspeople begin to realize that pushing girls who are not cut out for itinto professional, traditionally masculine roles, perhaps parents,who tend to want their children to be happy in life, will stopencouraging their daughters to pursue this path.
Accordingto the profile, the unhappy worker is a 42-year-old unmarried womanwith a household income under $100,000 working in a professionalposition. In other words, she’s a doctor or a lawyer, according toa press release.
Theprofile of a happy worker, on the other hand, is a 39-year-oldmarried man with a household income between $150,000 and $200,000 ina senior management position, with one young child at home and a wifewho works part-time.
Theprofiles were developed from a survey of more than 670 North Americanwhite-collar workers by Captivate Network, the company that publishesnews headlines on elevator and lobby screens.