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My bullshit meter started to hum when I read this bit of theory, this feminist journalist and her ilk are trying to flog imaginary stats. as facts. They go out of their way not naming the sex of any female criminal but makes sure the sex of any male is exposed immediately. Pure hypocrisy and totally biased for a small newspaper in Montrose wouldn't you say. Only immediate problem is that it's editors is just another male hating, male denigrating, sexist, biased feminist and what have we witnessed about feminists they all copy and practise, yep, exaggeration and a resistive repulsion of the truth. Their first law of action is to live in denial about their own sex and blame all and sundry on yours and mine. In the feminists own claim, they are "sexist",  they will ofcourse try to justify that type of behaviour

example of an Article written by Heidelberg..

Here is another..
Child Centre Staffer Accused of Sex Offence
A paraprofessional at the Riverbottom Early Childhood Development Center was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault Saturday.Darci Largent, 40, is suspected of abusing a 4-year-old girl. She is free on a $60,000 bond; formal charges have not been filed, and the courts did not know whether Largent has an attorney.
“I can’t say anything at this time,” said Montrose Police Chief Tom Chinn. “We have a lot of work to do in this case. We’re trying to firm up some points.
 So we have the second article which would have to be printed but only for the purpose of denial. Denial, as fellow feminastie Berkower can throw in her "expert" bias into the article to not only receive some free advertising (old girl network) but there is nothing better to a propagandists that to have your word verified by another member of your own religion. Another worshipper of the feminastie movement. Good idea, as that would be lesson 101 in the the propaganda manual under dumb and stupid. Obviously Heidelberg has not heard of google search engines..
New ground: State looks at female sex offendersState officials are taking a new look at an overlooked type of sexual offender: females. Women make up only a fraction of known sex offenders ” fewer than 10 percent according to FBI statistics, and perhaps as low as 2 percent, according to expert Feather Berkower.
Katharhynn HeidelbergStill plays around with the numbers on the front page of her propoganda rag, the Montrose Daily Press (pdf of front page) living in denial, same as they do about the DV saga where feminists keep denying that one half of the population is just as responsible as the other, nothing will or can change regardless of how many training camps they put up for men only and ignore the violence and abuse that women inflict regularly against their spouses.

Surprisingly we have this comment but the numbers have been fiddled with. The reason for the confusion is that the feminastie movement refuses to recognise any studies that they have not doctored or influenced..
But offenders can also be women, even if the number of known female offenders is small, between 2 and 4 percent nationally, according to Berkower
So what doctrinal propagandist would down play the amount of abuse woman instigate on children and their partners, if not some feminist.  They can be relied on to lie and understate any facts pertaining to women and at the same time use the "old girls network" and keep it all under one roof by doing the exact same thing that feminists have been accusing all men of doing. Supreme hypocrites..

So, is Berkower part of that old girl network, you betcha..
SUNFLOWER CREATIVE ARTS PRESENTS AN EXCEPTIONAL SEMINAR WITH FEATHER BERKOWER ... with a bachelor's degree in women's studies from San Francisco State ...Facebook... Parenting Site
I have not bothered to read it's tainted "it's all men's fault" drivel as that would be a foregone conclusion by anyone who has a useless degree in "women's studies (where male hate is a specialised objective)" and actually confesses it to be the case. She claims to be working with an org called "parenting safe children" which it instigated and regularly preaches to the single mothers choir and one would have to wonder how much blame she would be foisting on their abusive behaviour, but one already knows the answer to that riddle. She is just another feminist drone determined and ensure that "mothers" walk away from the abuse they hand out to kids without facing accountability and transferring that onto someone else, mostly Dads ofcourse via some imaginary emotive issue

The entire thing is just a charade that gives those feminists an opportunity to screw up other people's lives with their own self induced hate and deny children their fathers at any and every opportunity as we have witnessed so often to their detriment but what do they care as long as they have the opportunity to spread their poison. They will feel they have actually achieved something useful. Hopefully these two will wake up to the damage they have caused like a lot of other ex. feminists have found out already...