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There are still a few things that warms the cockles of my heart and here is a fine example of what does it best. Back in the bad olde days in the early 90's when some of us slow learners realised that a few things not only sucked but had a distinct nasty flavour attached, just by watching it or reading it. Reality dawned in a rather nasty fashion as feminist carrion after feminist harridan could not wait to caste aspersions on anything male in the most vitriolic way they possibly could. I can remember one specific example where some gormless brain-dead questioned the reason why men would open a car's bonnet and look inside after it broke down, they could not understand the reason, yea, I know, they were scratching back then for anything to humiliate the lads and the MSM were more than compliant as a matter of fact, they encouraged it.

(for those ignorant or just more ignorant about vehicles, the connection from the coil to the distributor was one of the culprits that would come loose and could be easily replaced. The distributor cap also can become dislodged as it's only held by two spring loaded clips. Battery terminals would also corrode and stop the starting process and spark plug connections were known culprits as well. To any male it made sense, to any brain-dead feminist who could not even refill the radiator it was just to complicated. The guys would shake their heads and just accept the obvious, women know swat about cars or mechanics)

Self promoted feminist hypocrites would volunteer their infinite wisdom (oxymoron) on their version of utopia and it did not take long to realise precisely how gender bent they really were. "Living next door to malice" was the order of the day and Dr.Hook can rewrite the words if he would like to explain that situation..

So most MRA's and members of the Men's Movement have history in regards to those years of malice right up until today where we are still exposed to those nasty feminist clones raging the same irrelevant rubbish they did back then, only now they have a little more resistance and are held a little more accountable for the lies and fabrications they generate..

Which brings us to this site below which is really self explanatory. A site setup in german and english with the opportunity, for anyone willing, to add their facts and figures to record the destruction, death and pain feminism has inflicted on society and we can safely state without any fear of contradiction that it affects both sexes at the same time. Feminism is an equal opportunity supplier of pain and suffering to all with bias..

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Welcome to WikiMANNia
Welcome to WikiMANNia
English WikiMANNia has started on 1 August 2011!
This Wiki is a knowledge base about the discrimination of boys and men. The evidence for this is scattered through the whole Internet, which can be very confusing and overwhelming. So the informations are collected, structured and linked to each other on this wiki. Since April 2011, 60 articles were created. All entries must be subject to reliable sources. To ensure good quality of the articles, writing access is limited to our editors.
However, everyone can contribute with his knowledge. Good writers are always welcome.

Sweep Feminism Into the Dustbin of History!

For anyone who may have a few hours of free time and doesn't mind poking a hot smouldering fire-stick at the feminasty ever shrinking polecat (apologies to all polecats) then here is a link to a page where they are requesting articles on specific topics..