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Gee! where does one begin on this..

I know that I have shown this female before but it was on a different topic. Not only is she a staunch anti-feminist but she hits on one of my favourite loathe subjects and that is "Black Women". Now you have to remember that this girl is not shy about calling a spade a "f"and "c" word, so be warned that this should not be played out aloud in the work environment (NSFW)..

A few issues she covers are as follows..

1. Black women generally suck..
2. Black Women are so full of themselves..
3. Black Women have major issues cause they can't get no man..
4. Black Women are "strong" in their own mind, make that "stupid" and "Ignorant". as well..
5. Black Women lack the basic social graces and also basic sanitary habits..

Black females have wallowed in and adopted the feminist's hate doctrine as statistics have already demonstrated, single mothers stands at 70% and similar divorce stats. also demonstrates that they are incapable of keeping in a relationship, whatever excuse they justify in their own minds. They are to be avoided at all costs as any black man/dude/bro will testify..

So we have just some of the plethora of information this girl covers. Bare in mind that one would prefer to insert two hot pokers in one's ears rather than listen to this verbal barrage on a sustained level, but that would depend on a few different factors. Namely, she is cute as hell and it behooves me to deny the aesthetic affect of visualisation, which we already know, has a relaxing and health building affect on our well being. So I basically am conscious of that factor, constantly, hrrumph!!..

The final issue which this covers is to demonstrate what guys will put up with in females and how blind most are about what guys have to endure for whatever reason, just to "enjoy" the company of the opposite sex. Anyway, it's the way it is and thankfully in this situation, we have proof that NAWALT.(not all women are like that) phew!!..